Sunday, November 26, 2017

The After Party

Thanksgiving 2017 is done and it's now time for moving to new studio, Christmas and Philbrook. 
I was up early Thursday to chop celery, onion and lemons for my Turkey.  (May have to paint this!)  Seems like the day went without a hitch except that the bro-in-law and his husband were sick and not able to come.  Sad they weren't able to see our youngest as she had not been home in over a year but it is what it is.  We missed them.  

Today, Sunday, I'm having a Trim the Tree dinner for them, the mom-in-law and my girls.  I'm trying to make it a tradition, and hey, it helps me for sure.  So my front room looks like Santa threw-up everywhere.  I did get the tree up and the lights on and tonight the ornaments will be hung.

Friday it was time to start the move to the "new" studio and I was going to use all the muscle I could gather, i.e. my girls and granddaughter.  I started the long process of loading my little push cart and made multiple trips back and forth from the old place to the new place.  Fortunately, it was in the same complex but it was a lot of trips and lots of loading.  By lunch time I was running on fumes and happily the army arrived with lunch and that muscle.  My girls helped manhandle my tables and shelves into place while Snicklefritz was our door opener.  I COULD NOT have finished it all without their help.  Then B was able to get my storage room pretty well organized before they left.  Makes my life so much easier and hopefully I will be painting again by Monday!  There will be pictures and more info on the studio soon so stay tuned.  Also a shout out to Linda (my painting partner) and her hubby James.  They got my taboret table in my painting room and that thing is HEAVY!  I was so afraid it wouldn't fit but they made it happen.  

Today, if you are around and about you HAVE to go by Philbrook Museum Gift shop and see B.  B is producing the Christmas tree pin for Philbrook this year.  She was the chosen artist for them and I could not be more proud of her.  So today, between 1-4 she will be there, sewing them.  Hope to see you there.   

The future of the month of December is huge.  I have so much to do.  The Hubby wanted to have his "dance crew" over for a dinner party and I said okay.  Of course this means really cleaning the house and COOKING!  I can do that for him but plan on having some of MY friends over too, hopefully, at a different time.  I "tried" to talk The Hubby into letting me make a casserole for 15 but oh no, he wants me to do the beef tenderloin.  Okay, okay, it will be an easy meal, but HE is doing the clean up!!!!!

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