Saturday, November 04, 2017

Painting and My Sanity

I've had a rough few weeks lately but I'm drowning out the negativity at the easel, getting lost with each stroke of paint, each color I mix.  Finished this one and even though the photo is bad I'm posting it.  I call it 

"Orchid and Glass" 

I didn't even stop the movement of the brush and paint and started in on the next one.  I took the photo upstairs at Main Street Tavern in Broken Arrow while attending the Class of '72's 45 class reunion.  I loved the reflections and am going to try and capture them... far... 

I have to not pass up that I'm not a fan of Halloween but sort of got into the mood with a little swipe of my hair and the gray revealed a little bit of Cruella Deville!  

AND if please go to the Philbrook Gift shop and buy one or TWO Christmas Tree pins.  Our oldest has the contract for the tree pins and has been hand sewing for months.  

Also on that note, I've sent the email out to family for Thanksgiving and I've started Christmas shopping (online only.)  PLUS our youngest is going to be here for Thanksgiving and I'm so very excited.  

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