Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Life Goes On

It is done, all is done.  I finished the 30 day painting challenge.  It's been posted on the Strada Easel page and Leslie Saeta, artist page.  Whew.  Yesterday I think I hit a downer kind of feeling that I was done and hit a wall.  Planning on the party for Gloria, painting everyday, Daddy and his health, I was at a loss what to do with myself.  Exhaustion was part of that equation and ended up sleeping most of the afternoon.  
It didn't help with all the news on about the events in Las Vegas, Tom Petty passing and my Aunt Sharon's husband of over 30 years passing away.  Life is short peeps.  Make hay while you can and today it is back to the easel, well after work, delivery of paintings for a show (then installation), then maybe I can put paint to canvas.  Life is busy yet again.  

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