Saturday, September 09, 2017

Good Saturday morning!  I HAVE BEEN SOOOOO busy lately that I find it hard to post here.  What may you ask am I busy with, well, painting, life, work, but mostly painting.  I again signed up to do a 30 day painting challenge.  That means a painting a day this month.  Today is day 9 and it has been fun and I've even sold one but wow oh wow it is really going to be a challenge.  Mainly because I have two Facebook pages plus I post on various art pages.  Then there is Twitter and Instagram to post on and the art page that requires it and remembering to hash tag the Strada Easel company to keep my name in the drawing for a Strada Easel.  Not only am I doing that but it is the season to enter in various shows.  I've entered in another one for Artist Magazine and the Light, Space and Time online gallery.  Then there are Muskogee Artist Guild, Artists of Northwest Arkansas, Tulsa Artist Guild and Alpha Rho Tau.  Good grief that means you have to have enough art to enter in these shows.  It has to be new stuff and you can't re-enter in shows that you may have already showed those pieces in and some of these shows overlap.  That means you can't take the pieces down to put in another show.  So lots and lots of art has to be created.  After all these are done then I will put my brush to canvas and create some masterpieces (haha) for the next go around next fall.  Hopefully next spring my studio painting buddies will have a show together.  That is another thing we have got to get together and we are planning on having an open house this holiday season.  This art thing has taken on a life of it's own and is full time work.  I dream painting, art show, creating.

So far...
(this one is sold)

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