Friday, August 18, 2017

Stroke World

Thought I would update on life around here.  This guy, yes this guy, my Daddy had another little TIA (stroke) last Saturday.  It wasn't bad but it pushed the surgery part of his life.  Yesterday he had a stent put in to hopefully stop these episodes so he can continue with his life.  Yesterday was another all day affair at the hospital, waiting and waiting and waiting.  All went well.  I don't know if he will go home or rehab or skilled nursing.  It's the world of "We'll let you know an hour before we need to transfer!" We boarded his little kitty and had her de-wormed and the vet loves her as does everyone else.  She is a sweet little kitty kat.  

I did take time out for a little fun with my book club on Wednesday night.  We went to Amelia's in downtown Tulsa.  Ohhhhh, so yummy and a really pretty restaurant.  This salad was delicious.  We read the book The Dry by Jane Harper, a really good murder mystery.  We don't really discuss the books to indepth but have a great time visiting and supporting each other.  It's a group of women I put together from my pool of friends and they have bonded very nicely.   
(I may have to paint this)

On another note my sweet Snicklefritz will begin school on Monday morning.  Yup, Pre-K will be her world Monday thru Friday so our time spent together will be limited I think for awhile.  She is growing up so very fast.

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