Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Another Loss...

I found out last night that a guy from high school passed away.  This guy, Michael, was a fraternal twin to my best friend in grade school, Jean Ann, and she passed several years ago.  She had a rough, rough "15 year old to death" kind of life.  Her brother Michael died yesterday.  I've known Michael since we were in 3rd grade, when they moved next door and Jean Ann and I became inseparable.  Oh the fights those two had in that house that I witnessed.  It was really scary how much they really didn't like each other.  But Jean Ann had a baby at 16 and shortly after that her/their father, her hero and favorite person on this earth (besides her grandmother, Nanny), was killed in a horrible tragic 18 wheeler accident in fog.  That was the beginning of her spiral downward to never be whole again.  I remember Michael walking across Main Street by our house coming home from grade school one day and as he was crossing the street he was hit by a car.  Oh, that made the news around the town, our small town.  It was scary but he was okay.  I'm very sad for the loss of both of my friends.  Their lives had a lot of bumps along the way but Michael had a family, grand-kiddos and a lot of love from his friends.  He will surely be missed.

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