Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Another Loss...

I found out last night that a guy from high school passed away.  This guy, Michael, was a fraternal twin to my best friend in grade school, Jean Ann, and she passed several years ago.  She had a rough, rough "15 year old to death" kind of life.  Her brother Michael died yesterday.  I've known Michael since we were in 3rd grade, when they moved next door and Jean Ann and I became inseparable.  Oh the fights those two had in that house that I witnessed.  It was really scary how much they really didn't like each other.  But Jean Ann had a baby at 16 and shortly after that her/their father, her hero and favorite person on this earth (besides her grandmother, Nanny), was killed in a horrible tragic 18 wheeler accident in fog.  That was the beginning of her spiral downward to never be whole again.  I remember Michael walking across Main Street by our house coming home from grade school one day and as he was crossing the street he was hit by a car.  Oh, that made the news around the town, our small town.  It was scary but he was okay.  I'm very sad for the loss of both of my friends.  Their lives had a lot of bumps along the way but Michael had a family, grand-kiddos and a lot of love from his friends.  He will surely be missed.

Monday, August 21, 2017

New Studio

It's official that I (we) have a new studio space.  I'm sharing with my painting buddy Linda Dunbar and the incomparable Gil Adams.
These are photos of my side
I've also been hard at work creating!!!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Home, Home, Home

Yes, he is HOME!  Finally, Daddy is sitting in his chair with his sweet Susie in his lap.  
After sitting in his ICU room ALL DAY long they finally let me take him home.  I have to say if they want to wait until the end of the day so they can fill up the bed again before 5 pm, then tell us that please.  Daddy was clearly ready and quite able to go home but we sat and waited without even a meal to be offered, although he wouldn't have eaten it because he WANTED TO GO HOME!  We cruised back to his house about 4 pm, Friday afternoon, RUSH HOUR traffic and the first thing he wanted was his cat so I quickly went and gathered her from the vet.  She is such a darling cat that they hated to see her go.  She's very sociable they said at noon they would do yoga and she was with them, Cat Yoga!!!  You know she never made a peep in the car on the way home.  I've never had a cat do that.  

Friday, August 18, 2017

Stroke World

Thought I would update on life around here.  This guy, yes this guy, my Daddy had another little TIA (stroke) last Saturday.  It wasn't bad but it pushed the surgery part of his life.  Yesterday he had a stent put in to hopefully stop these episodes so he can continue with his life.  Yesterday was another all day affair at the hospital, waiting and waiting and waiting.  All went well.  I don't know if he will go home or rehab or skilled nursing.  It's the world of "We'll let you know an hour before we need to transfer!" We boarded his little kitty and had her de-wormed and the vet loves her as does everyone else.  She is a sweet little kitty kat.  

I did take time out for a little fun with my book club on Wednesday night.  We went to Amelia's in downtown Tulsa.  Ohhhhh, so yummy and a really pretty restaurant.  This salad was delicious.  We read the book The Dry by Jane Harper, a really good murder mystery.  We don't really discuss the books to indepth but have a great time visiting and supporting each other.  It's a group of women I put together from my pool of friends and they have bonded very nicely.   
(I may have to paint this)

On another note my sweet Snicklefritz will begin school on Monday morning.  Yup, Pre-K will be her world Monday thru Friday so our time spent together will be limited I think for awhile.  She is growing up so very fast.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Frankenstein Dog

Hey Kids!  Yup, I'm still around, but it is nothing but painting lately...well, I lied, there is more.  I've signed a few and am gearing up for some fall shows and hopefully, my painting buddy and I can get a 2 women show.  I'm in a black and white phase and that probably will be my "theme" for my part of the show, if we can get it together soon.  I have to tell you the new studio, Studio 3 is AWESOME!  My painting buddy Linda and I work very well together and it is a joy to be there and focus on my art.  

We've had some weather here lately too with tornado's.  About 6 days ago in the middle of the night some business areas of Tulsa were hit with an F2 tornado that did some mighty damage. Luckily no one was killed but lots of people are going to be hurt work wise.  It's funny that we were awakened by this incredible wind and stuff flying around and loud bangs (The Hubby said were transformers blowing).  We didn't get damage but it started forming around our area and the winds were incredible.  We were lucky.

Our poor little buddy, our Frankenstein doggy, has had some surgery.  He had a tumor on his hip about the size of a baseball and one on his leg about the size of a ping-pong ball that needed to be removed.  I actually set him up for the surgery a few months ago but chickened out and what happened is they grew lots bigger so I had to purposely let little Clayton be hurt.  Poor guy was in such pain when we brought him home but he's doing quite well.  The tumors are called connective tissue tumors and we are waiting on the pathology right now.  Good news PLEASE!  There is possibly a chance they will grow back but it's a wait and see game.  I'm just glad he came through surgery because of his older age.  He's about 12 and older dogs it can be a bit risky.  

Again life rolls on around here.  I've been trying to juggle work and painting and life in general.  Work has been a struggle because a few things have popped up that require my full attention.  One of our guys got a pretty nasty owey that may require surgery but he's still working.  That all means WORKMAN'S COMP forms that have to be filled out and go EVERY which way.  Plus summer it the season to do licensing for various counties, cities around and that has been challenging for one of our guys as his renewal's got caught in the middle of our office move and neglected to be renewed.  All is well with it though as a few weeks of back and forth in the mail and phone calls it has been resolved.  

Then The Hubby's aunt passed away.  Aunt Bette was the last of his direct line to his father, she was his father's sister.  So trips to Texas for the funeral.  

Oh and I forgot to inform that my heart and vascular testing went very well.  I got all high marks and can rest easy with it all.  Plus the blood pressure is good, probably because I'm PAINTING!  

Daddy's various testing has revealed that he has microscoptic colitis.  The medicine unfortunately is $300 for a month and he can't afford that.  It's somehow caught in a black hole between medicare and his supplemental health insurance.  CRAP.  He refused to get it so it's back in the doctor's court to figure out how to fix it without costing him an arm and a leg.  He will also be having surgery on his neck, a stint, angio-something, which he doesn't want but HAS TO HAVE to avoid another stroke.  The next one could be devastating and we just can't have that DADDY!  Stubborn, STUBBORN man.  His cat has fleas and worms so when he has the surgery we will board the cat and BOMB THE HELL out of his house, AGAIN!