Friday, July 28, 2017

Snicklefritz and the Sneeze Monster (and more)

  What a fantastic sunset last night.  I was driving home from another high school class monthly get together, the long drive (explain in a sec), and as I was waiting for the light, THIS was my view!  I just couldn't capture it correctly because of the driving and the lights and all.
The long drive home.  Well last night, and tonight The Hubby and I are watching Snicklefritz.  I said yes we would love to have her spend a couple of nights, but, there was a stipulation.  I had the class thing I had to go to so I said The Hubby would be responsible!  Snicklefritz was thrilled to spend time with her Granddad .  I took the long way home last night because when I left the house I gave The Hubby his marching orders for the evening and he assured me he would carry them out.  

Dinner - spaghetti and blueberries (they ate them ALL)
No bath
brush teeth
read book 
bed between 7:30 - 8:00 pm

I arrived home about 9 pm, walked into the door to hear The Wizard of Oz playing on the television.  OH GOOD GRIEF!  That is one of The Hubby's favorite movies, especially to share with the kiddos.  He decided to share it with the 4 year old.  I just KNEW that we were going to have a night of nightmares as she has had a couple of nights in a row of them.  Then she was STILL UP!  I came in and questioned his reasoning for this behavior, knowing full well that he would probably do something like this. LOL!  He quickly said her bath water was run and I reminded him she didn't need a bath, especially at 9pm.  Just teeth, book, sleep.  We finished the movie and she said it was a bit scary.  OH NO!  But, she knew it was about over because of the good music and she was okay with that.  We got teeth brushed, ready for bed and I told The Hubby he was to read her at least one book because it was so late.  They did and he tucked her into bed but she wasn't staying down.  First was a light cry that she was missing her momma.  I told her she had stayed with me many times and that it would be okay.  She was good.  Back to bed.  Then I hear her rummaging around in her room making all kinds of racket.  I went in to find that she was trying to build a fort.   I try and rationalize with her the importance that she go straight to sleep and that fort building would happen tomorrow.  She finally accepted that and I knew she was dead tired.  I was going to tuck her in but she insisted that she could do it herself but she wanted the big light on.  She sometimes wants it along with her night light and I was fine with that.  I usually turn it off later when she is fast asleep.  

This morning it is 7:14 and she is still asleep, no nightmares, not up to potty in the middle of the night, just sweet dreams.  

This week has been tons and tons of doctor appointments for me and Daddy.  He went to the gastro doctor and next week will have a colonoscopy to try and figure out his horrible diarrhea that has plagued him for months.  I hope it is nothing.  

Me, I had a bone density test Monday, results not in yet.  Then Tuesday I had all kinds of vascular and cardio tests done and all were great.  There were a couple of things to watch but no worry.

Also, Wednesday was the 11th anniversary of the passing of Momma.  After the gastro doctor, Bro took Daddy to see Momma's grave.  I hate do that kind of thing as does Bro, but Daddy loves to go and he insisted Bro take him. 

I spent Sunday moving into my new studio.  My car has been loaded down a couple of times and by Monday morning I could hardly get out of bed because of my back.  Monday I sorted and sorted stuff and tried to organize.  I have two easels but didn't have my table to even paint.  My partner in the space, Linda has it so, SO set up.  It is awesome and she even had paintings hung but I was still in boxes.  Sunday I sent The Hubby to buy me a shelf and he assembled it for me.  I think I only need one, at least for now.  In my room at home I wanted to also use that white bookshelf, but that meant emptying it out, which caused a HUGE mess in my room.  Yes a lot of the canvas, art supplies and easels are gone but I now have to put that room in some kind of order.  So while I'm watching Snicklefritz for the next couple of days, she and I will organize and clean that room.  I'm also going to take the big table that is in there to the studio space to use for drawing and watercolor stuff.  The trick is to get it out of the room.  I actually can put it in my car but it is heavy and I have to move a ton out of the way to maneuver it out of the doorway.  The Hubby did have my taboret table moved down from the work studio and delivered to my NEW STUDIO! on Wednesday!  
I did get to go and actually paint on Thursday morning.  It was quiet, no phones, no sound.  I usually like a bit of music or a book playing but it was awesome to have the quiet.  
I set this up in the art workshop in Arkansas at the Jeff Legg workshop but barely got it sketched and he never even saw it or came by.  I just took a photo of the set up I did and left thinking I would do it later.  Well, this is what I did yesterday morning.  The photo is really bad and smoky looking.  The background is darker and looks richer.  I really like what I've done and hopefully Monday I will finish it.   

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Morning Update

 Good Sunday morning.  I of course could not sleep in as the bladder is used to being up at 5 am, along with Clayton and his tummy.  So here I sit at 7am, up for two hours now.  Oh well.  

Isn't this a lovely view of my crepe myrtle outside my bathroom window.  I love the blues and white and green and it might just find it's way onto my canvas.

Painting this week I finished this sweet gem.  It's called "Elaina" and the bathing beauty is the granddaughter of a friend of mine.  I saw the photo on Facebook and asked her mother if I could paint it, of course I took out some stuff and added some stuff.  It turned out cute and I think I will put it in a show in the fall.  If it doesn't sell I will give it to her momma.

Next on the easel is this one.  I took this photo where I get my hair cut a couple of weeks ago and just KNEW it would be a beautiful painting.  I prepped a 24x24 gallery wrapped canvas and began.  The most important thing was getting the background started but I think I will probably do more on the background eventually.  I drew the thing next because this has to be pretty exact to make it perfect.

This is what I have so far and I am LOVING it!  I think it is going to be stunning when I am done and too will be in a show.  There is a lot more to do and I will take my time to make it as perfect as I possibly can along with trying to move into the new studio.   

Also on the agenda this week was getting Daddy a new chair.  That guy is so very hard on chairs and the last one didn't last long.  He just wears them out because it's where he spends most of his time.  Monday I had a few minutes and I went shopping after putting it off for weeks.  I knew he didn't want a rocker or any of the fancy-schmancy things that recliners have and he DID want a Lazy Boy with leather.  I sat in a few and this was won me over.  It was quick and sweet and EXPENSIVE but it's for my Daddy.

They delivered it on Thursday and I do believe he is extremely happy.  He told me yesterday that his butt is happy!  Also on that chore was to get rid of the old nasty one and the other nasty one that replaced the other old nasty one that was on the back porch that he WOULD NOT let the delivery guys take away.  He also had a huge big screen TV that BLEW UP sitting in the living room that had to go.  I enlisted the help of the unemployed nephew that is in need of money to load up the unwanted nasty's and take them to the dump.  Of course, it was at a price.  The dump had a $25 fee and I was willing and I paid the nephew $100 to take on the task.  It was worth it for me to have it all hauled away AND to keep this old guy from complaining which he is absolutely king of.  
He seemed very frail when I went over yesterday.  He's had the diarrhea happening again and it really takes a toll on him.  It is NOT C-Diff but don't know what's causing it.  He actually has an appointment with the gastric doctor on Wednesday and hopefully they get it figured out.  Then in a few weeks he goes to the neuro doc about the blockage in his neck and then probably surgery.  

Tomorrow I start some tests.  I'm having a bone density test then Tuesday it's the carotid artery and vascular/heart testing done.  My doctor has all of his patients do this and I thought why not, what if they do find something, would it be so bad.  I could get it fixed before something tragic happens.  It's all precautionary stuff.  I really hate getting old. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Little Snicklefritz and I HAVE NEWS!

 Happy photos of Snicklefritz and ME!  
She has had a very busy summer with swim lessons, zoo camp and this week more swim and dance lessons.  Plus she and her Momma took a small 3 day trip to OKC to visit museums, visit friends and family and to let her Momma give a talk to the Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild.

She is growing so, SO very fast, soon to turn 5 and in August will officially start Pre-K!  Wow!

Now the NEWS
That said door leads to my NEW STUDIO, art studio actually.  

When I started painting in 2009 my "studio" has been in the house in a guest bedroom.  I also have one set up at the office, but I don't paint there often.  One of the reasons is that at the office there are phone calls, deliveries (my studio is upstairs...operative word STAIRS!)  The constant interruption is maddening.  You just get started and in the zone then the phone rings or the deliveries begin.  At home, I like painting at home, but the room is getting full, and I am easily distracted by laundry, dishes, usual household duties and the occasional hubby popping in all times of the day.  Again, distraction.  

In a perfect world I have a dream to own a building where there can be studio spaces for a few friends (renters) and class space then gallery space.  I want a gallery.  The problem is The Hubby is just not cooperating in that idea.  I found a building I wanted but he is not in the market to get another loan, ever.  He hates owing money and because we have he building loan that has about another year on it he is ADAMANT about it.  I had a problem with that thinking because I guarantee if he finds another "building" or money making opportunity with real estate he will want me on board, like always in his plans.  That may not happen again!  That's enough...on to the good news.

My friend, my painting friend Linda and I found an opportunity to lease a space with another artist, Gil, and it was affordable and we JUMPED with both feet.  It's actually close to the house, has enough space for three of us and both people are super, SUPER nice.  I paint with Linda a couple of days a week anyway and we have great fun.  It's wonderful to have her feedback and help because she is a superb artist, as is Gil.  We are in the process of moving stuff in in this HOT July summer, slow and steady.  PLUS we have teaching (that is Linda's department), and we can have ART SHOWS!!!  Maybe Christmas time we will be have a big one!  Look for the announcement.  I will have pic's when we get all set up.  

Toodles my friends!

Friday, July 07, 2017

Time for Change

This week I squeezed in a moment for a bit of change in my life.  I thought it was time to rethink the hairstyle.  I've been growing it long, long, long for since last summer and then in September I made the decision that gray I would be, so that was happening too.  What was the result was long hair I really enjoyed but two-toned hair, blond on the bottom and lots of not necessarily gray but white on top.



There's still blonde but not as much and the girl told me to get some "purple" shampoo and it will ashen the blonde to blend better with the white.  I think I like it but may go shorter next time, in a few weeks.  The Hubby actually thought I would go shorter.

Saturday, July 01, 2017


Oh My Gracious Gert...I TOTALLY FORGOT that June 29, 2006 was the very first time I wrote on this blog, 11 years ago.  It was called "BORED AT MY DESK" and was all about the impending loss of my mother and the recent loss of my best friend Gail and our sweet little dog.  Thursday was the anniversary and it just slipped past me.  Time flies as life rolls on that is for sure.  There have been lots more losses, ups and downs, and many joys since that day, but I'm still here, still trugging on with my words to share.  I hope you have enjoyed, laughed and cried with me on my journey of life.  I don't post as often but will continue to try and be here as often as I can.  Happy Blogging my friends!