Thursday, June 29, 2017

White Pants Saga

Since about the age of 13 to 60 I have not worn white pants or white dresses, successfully.  

We lived four very long blocks from the junior high and I walked back and forth to school every single day.  This trek was down Main Street, the main artery of the small town I lived in.  One day I wore a really sweet white dress to school and felt so pretty.  I had art for my 6th hour and after class I gathered my things and proceeded to walk home, like every other day.  Sometimes the senior high boys would honk and it was quite flattering, this day was another one of those days.  I reached our front door and went in to change into some play clothes but when I took my beautiful white dress off I saw to my horror a HUGE bloody stain on the entire backside of my dress.  Yes, Mother Nature left her nasty calling card all over the back of my dress and I walked down the main street of my town with it on there, not knowing the honks and probably laughter was aimed at me.  I was HORRIFIED!

White was usually NOT in my wardrobe after that point, except maybe my cream colored wedding dress!  You see, I'm a denim, blue jeans kind of gal and have even requested to be buried in them!  I LOVE blue jeans.  Since my complete hysterectomy last year I thought, hey, white pants!  So a couple of weeks ago I bought a cute pair of white Capri jeans and yesterday I wore them.  I felt so pretty, stylish and cool in the cute ensemble.  I dressed, gathered my purse, IPad, phone and headed to the office where usually no one sees me but that's okay because I felt good.  I slid into the drivers seat and looked down in my lap and on the top of my thigh there were brownish specks on the pants.  CRAP!  I thought well, there must have been a flaw in the fabric, but it was okay, it was small and my long linen shirt covered it.  At the office I went to the bathroom and when I pulled my pants down I discovered a huge swipe of a blood stain in the front tummy part.  DAMN IT!  I realized that one of my many red moles on my leg had been scraped or something and it bled over my new white pants.  Luckily again the shirt covered it but DAMN IT!  

Then last night I had a couple of art girlfriends over for drinks and a summer dinner.  We had a great time, 5 hours of chatting!  I headed to bed later that night and took my pants off to find that on the back side of the pants, in view was another stain of some kind, probably red wine.  CRAP! 

I AM NOT GIVING UP!  I WILL wear white pants again, after I bleach, de-stain, whatever.  I am just so hard on clothes.  


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