Saturday, April 15, 2017

Movie Star...NOT!

First of all I want to invite you to this...
Looks like I'm a movie star, right!  No, but it is the viewing of the short films the Jenks High School film class has done.  If you want to come and VOTE for me, my short film, please do!  It's really an honor to be one of many that was chosen for this honor.  I sure hope I didn't say the wrong thing in the interview!  

I'm on another project on my easel.  I took this photo at a local restaurant, Ol'Vine (was Sonoma) on Brookside.  So loved the photo and knew it would be a great painting. 
So it began.  I started this at home and didn't have time, after 2 weeks of it sitting like this, to continue.
Finally, I took it to my usual Tuesday class and continued it. 
So far it is a huge hit with everyone who sees it.  In fact, my instructor even hinted he would love to have it if he had the wall space.  It's not small, like 20x24, I think.  There is still a lot to do but I am very happy with the progress. 

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