Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekend Fun

Thought it was time to touch base again.  Life cycles on and on and on.  This past weekend The Hubby had some dance stuff going on as will be with the next weekend.  He's been practicing and practicing nearly every evening but I'm fine with that.  He is doing something he loves and I am fully supportive of it, just as long as I DON'T have to do it.  He has a great dance partner too and she has become a great friend to me.  

Since he was going to be gone most of the weekend I chose to see if little Snicklefritz would like to spend the weekend with me.  She was so excited but I was afraid it wouldn't happen as she has had a nasty coughing virus and sore throat, not strep (thank goodness!)  We tried painting yesterday morning but I was just not feeling it, although she was!  So excited she can write her own name now!  You know, she eats totally with her left hand but paints and writes with her right.  Way to use your brain my dear! 
Since the weather was so beautiful yesterday we went outside in the afternoon, pajamas and all, and soaked up some of that fabulous sunshine.  She loved looking at all my flowers that are popping out.  
Old-fashioned lilac that was here when we bought the house and has been transplanted twice!
Lilac I had planted.  I love the deeper color.
My double Japanese Kerria.
I've been on a run with the painting stuff.  I have two paintings in the Broken Arrow Museum and two more hanging at The Wild Fork in Utica Square for the next couple of months.  Hopefully, something will sell.  I've got workshops ongoing and some coming up that I'm excited about.  I just don't have enough time to devote my entire mind into my painting lately.  One of my ongoing workshops we've been doing some black and white perspectives and that has been great fun and I find I'm quite good at.  

I'm also doing the 5x5 Show that is the Tulsa Artist Coalition only fundraiser each year.  I've participated every year since 2009 all but one.  I thought I would do this one covered in lips, every kind of lip I could find in my friends and family.  This is just the beginning of all the lips I've drawn.  Can't decide the background color.  Thinking black with red, pink, and coral lips.  

And of course I'm always on the hunt for the next great painting and on Thursday evening we went out to eat at Ol'vine, the old Sonoma.  It's the restaurant where we got the idea of mirrors on our fence.  They had an entire wall totally covered with all kinds.  But, they have remodeled and one of the things is these great barrels with flowers.  Going to make that happen!

Last weekend we headed to the cabin where my Carolina Jasmine was in full bloom.  Oh, so beautiful and fragrant and full of honey bees!  I had to make a head wreath to wear!
May have to paint this!

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