Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Oh No He Didn't...Yes He Did

Not much to post except that life is going on and on and on...

I guess some are afraid but I'm just carrying on with life as usual.

You haven't lived until you've had a conversation The Hubby and I had with our insurance guy on Monday.  EGAD!  He has been our insurance guy, for the business insurance for many years, but he wanted to "share" with us his journey, and to try and get us to join in!  Great, I felt I was at one of "those" meetings where they try to get you join "SOMETHING"  you don't want to!  Anyway, a few years ago he had a heart attack and let me tell you this guy had horrendous eating habits.  He loved, was obsessed with desserts, and admitted to eating 14-16 desserts a week.  We have done the lunch thing with him many times and he would order every dessert on the menu before ordering lunch, and then have them first.  He was addicted to sugar.  So after the heart attack and out of the hospital he went to some outfit in Texas where they use wheat grass enemas to cleanse you twice a day for 3 weeks and you eat wheat grass stuff and it's all plant based food which is in these days.  Not such a bad thing but the wheat grass enemas "CLEANSE" you out if you know what I mean.  When you check in they give you a bucket, the enema and cleaning you get my drift on where our lunch conversation went (it's the stuff that RESULTS from said enemas.)  I was getting green around the gills and was going to need the bucket and cleaning supplies right then and there.  Then he went on to say how good he felt after the 3 weeks, he lost weight, obviously and that he had better hard-on's!!!!!!  WHAT THE F.......K..........

Yes, he did and so the conversation for the 1-1/2 hour lunch was about enemas (and more)  and hard-on's.  Never, I SAID NEVER AGAIN would I do that.  Of course, The Hubby gives him slack and takes his side that he found a healthy way and he has saved us tons of money on our insurance this year and blah, blah, blah.  Right, NEVER AGAIN!  He is weird, nice guy, but WEIRD!!!!!

So I am choosing to FORGET about Monday and focus on yesterday, Tuesday and today and tomorrow...
"Picnic"  18x24 oil on linen

What's on my easel now... 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Long Lost Me

Long Lost Me...yup, I'm still here.  Just took a break from the blog.  Been doing this a long time, nearly 11 years...

Sleeping is becoming a hard thing lately because I'm having some issues in my hip, leg, clear down to my foot.  Thinking it is sciatica which I'm not to keen on, especially the pain when I try to sleep.  It's funny that walking and standing is not a problem but that laying down EGAD!  So I was up at 3:30 this morning.  Going to be a long day topped off with a visit with the insurance guy for the company insurance late this afternoon.  Hope I don't drop off to sleep while he drones on.

Snicklefritz spent the night with me last week because I was supposed to have my interview with the film class and they asked that she be there because we paint together.  Sadly the wires were crossed and it's THIS WEEK.  But, we had a fantastic time and did paint together.
I started a new painting and was sketching it first with charcoal and she was so curious about the process.  I told her she could use it if she wanted when she started to paint.  It was really interesting watching her sketch and then paint.  It is amazing what she does on the canvas with her watercolors. 
She's left handing that paintbrush yet yesterday she flat out colored with her right hand.  

Lot's of stuff happening around our world.  A couple of weeks ago a high school buddy of The Hubby's and his wife renewed their vows.  They've had a rough couple of years in their life with, well life challenges and his bout of a terrible cancer.  It's was good to see them on the other side of it.  Thought this might be a good painting to give them!?!?

On the art front, well, lots of shows coming up but starting this week is one at the Broken Arrow Museum with a reception in a couple of weeks.  Come see me at the reception.  I'm very proud of my paintings in the show.  Next month a couple of paintings will be at Wild Fork.

I've also been taking another workshop for new perspective with a guy named Gil Adams.  The nicest guy on the planet and I'm really learning stuff.  It seems that this art process is coming to me so easily, with success.

(this one sold really quick)

While Snicklefritz was with me I started this little jewel and I think it is going to be a good one.  Lots and lots of glass, but I like the challenge.  Last summer The Hubby and I were driving around on our golf cart at the lake place and happened on this all set up by the creek.  I quickly snapped some fantastic photos and it's been hiding in my files.

It's a good start I think.

Yesterday in the new Monday afternoon class with Mr. Adams we did a black and white exercise.  I LOVED it and hopefully this will not be in my possession for long.  Its very popular on my social media.