Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Crazy Monday

Where I want to be!
Yesterday was a CRAZY MONDAY (Tuesday doesn't look much better!)

  I was at the office by 7:15 yesterday, even though I had done invoicing on SUNDAY!  Yes we work at the office all the time lately.  Trying to get it all invoiced, quotes done, and keep the guys busy.  I needed to get weekend messages and the early morning phone calls so we could dispatch service calls too.  I had a board meeting at 10:30 with one of the art groups I am a part of.  I usually "JUST SAY NO" when asked to do any board kind of thing, anywhere but on this one I gave in and took the Historian job.  That one is easy, take pictures, collect and keep crap, yup, I have that one down.  What came with that job is that I have to attend the monthly meetings and I was also given a little book and then informed that the rest of it was in my predecessor's car.  BIG CLUE that I didn't want this job.  Went to her car and she handed me SIX heavily loaded grocery bags full of history of an organization that has been around since 1930.  This is only part of the history.  I'm supposed to call Philbrook (because the previous lady did not) and talk to the librarian there because they contacted us last year to come get the rest of the history that has been stored there.  GREAT!  The keeper of MORE CRAP!  Think I am going to contact The historical society and see if they want to house it.  GOOD GRIEF!  Anyway, even though the meeting ran two hours long there was a bright spot.  

Before we left for our Italy trip in September I got notice that said art group members were going to be given the opportunity to submit applications/questionnaires to the Jenks High School film class for documentaries.  I'm not sure how many of the over 100 members submitted their applications, but I know it was between 20-25.  Yesterday I was informed I was one of six that has been chosen!!!!!!  WHAT!  Oh My GOODNESS!  This is so very exciting.  The Jenks film class has had Emmy award films!  I am so excited and honored to be part of the six that are incredibly gifted and well known in the art world here in Tulsa.  I will keep informed as things progress but it is so very exciting!!!!

After that momentous meeting I had to race back to the office and wolf some reheated pizza down before our accountant showed up to get end of quarter/year stuff.  He showed up early and I didn't get but one bite of pizza.  Finally about 2pm I went back upstairs and reheated the reheated pizza and ate it but it certainly didn't sit well with my tummy.  Then I had a stupid tummy ache and only ate a slice.  So food yesterday consisted of 3 cups of coffee, a protein bar and a slice of reheated pizza.  Yes, my tummy was in revolt but by the time I finally got home, after waiting for the mailman to finally deliver some checks, nearly getting hit when an idiot ran a red light (not good on already upset tummy), the bank, then a traffic snarl from construction I was POOPED!  I told The Hubby it was omelets for dinner or out to eat, even though we went out the night before.  I was hungry, sort of and bushed.  

We drove around to different places until he settled on Olive Garden which I was fine with me.  I ate a bit of salad and half of my meal of spaghetti and meatballs and enjoyed a wonderful visit with one of B's friends from her young years who waited on us.  Home I rushed to shed clothes and hit the bed where I tossed and turned with my stomach lurching for a good hour.  NOT GOOD!  Finally, I slipped off to sleep about 9pm to wake up when The Hubby came to bed and then back to sleep till about 12:30 when I HAD to pee.  I was afraid to look at the clock because I had a feeling I was going to have a hard time going back to sleep.  Shouldn't have looked.  It was 12:30.  ARGHHHHH!!!  It was about 3:30 before I finally shut down again and then the alarm was going off at 4:45.  This is going to be a horrendously long day, but bright spot is that I will be with friends, painting friends as our classes start again!  

Monday, January 09, 2017

Happy New Year....Maybe Happy

"Splash of Flowers"
16x12 oil on panel
Happy New Year...yes, I know it is January 9 and I haven't even posted this year but I've been otherwise occupied, with life.  

The Hubby and I have been battling the effects of a Christmas head cold that seems EVERYONE has around here.  He has hacked and blown so much in this time of being cooped up together that it is driving me a bit CRAZY!  I'm sure my blowin and goin' makes him nuts too.  Christmas morning when everyone showed up for brunch at Daddy's my brother informed us he had Type "A" flu (on top of a flu shot!) but had been on meds for 48 hours.  This head cold, the niece had it, we all had it and Snicklefritz was beginning along with her parents.  We ALL purposely did not hug or kiss Daddy.  As it turned out he got sick anyway.  Bro informed me on Saturday that Daddy had called him to let him know he was sick, oh and he bought a new 55" TV (he CANNOT AFFORD.)  Surely he didn't get this cold from us as that would be an extremely long incubation time.  I am sure since everyone in Tulsa and surrounding areas have this stupid cold he probably got it from the grocery store.  You know, my father was never ever sick when we were kids.  I cannot remember him ever having a cold or heaven forbid the stomach bug, EVER.  He just was never sick, until he got into his 50's then an occasional head cold that would lay him out.  When he did get ill he was the biggest baby ever and would complain of fever (never any) and that he was DYING!  Mother would just roll her eyes.  This thing he does is like crying wolf for us and when he is really sick we just can't rely on the authenticity of his allegations.  It's drama he likes, i.e. "I haven't eaten in two days!" But, being that he is 81 years old we do have to keep an eye on him.  I went to see Daddy with a bag full of meds and food and made sure he took the first round of it.  He really didn't look bad, just sounded like a head cold.  Sis will check on him today and hopefully Bro the next.  I will try and get back Wednesday or Thursday and make sure he doesn't need anything from the store.  

Hopefully this weekend we will get to go to the cabin but the weather isn't cooperating.  Looks like freezing rain is on tap for us and I know The Hubby feels we need to go and will do it come hell or high water to get there.  We've been trying to host a soup night but I am NOT going to risk driving if the roads are bad.  We'll just see.