Thursday, November 10, 2016

Can't We Just Get Along

"Can't we just get along."  Words spoken several years ago by Rodney King.  I turned on the television this morning and see rioting in the streets.  See Mr. Trump, what your vile vitriol has wrought.  People, please settle down.  It was voted, it is done, do you think all your screaming, crying and rioting is going to change it, NO.  Get involved in a peaceful manner, no name calling. 

Now on to what I did yesterday to ease my mind, to think happy thoughts.  I let my mind go to creating stuff.

This one I call "Confusion" 12x16 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas.  It was the first thing I worked on trying to get the junk out of my brain...welcoming happy thoughts in.  Trying to utilize what I learned on Saturday at the workshop.

Because I was spending a lot of time waiting for things to dry I was bouncing from acrylics to watercolor on a new product called Yupo paper.  Cool stuff.  It's plastic paper and you work watercolor around on it, swirl it, blot it and wait for it to dry.  Then you take paint off, put paint on, more blotting.  Such fun but I'm not sure it's me.  It's a bit frustrating and I wanted it to work like oils that I am familiar with, but I will continue.

"Black-eyed Susan's" 12x14 watercolor on Yupo paper

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