Friday, October 21, 2016

Painting and Old Friends

Yesterday was a quiet day at the office without Snicklefritz hanging around and the phone was silent most of the day.  So, the best thing for me was paint, paint, paint.  
I may have been tooooooooo ambitious with this next project but I will soldier on and see what I can do with it.
It started of kind of fun... 
...still having fun with it but may decide to abandon and do a large one like the topiary with just the lemon topiary. 

The evening I was looking forward to as I saw a notice on Facebook that an old friend from school, elementary, junior high and high school and old neighbor was making an impromptu visit to town.  Oh boy, Matt!  He used to live across the street from us and has not been back to town for about 20 years.  Matt had a dream when he was young to be a cowboy or rancher and when he was in college he left and went to Montana and never looked back.  He followed his dream.  He said it is not an easy life as far as making a living.  Bills have to be paid, but he loves it and it is his life.  I may have to paint this sweet guy.   
After posting this group photo someone said if they were facing each other they would be half of the starting football team in huddle!  Great time! 

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