Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Birthday Update

 Hello, hello, hello.....

I have hesitated posting here until this week was over because sooooo much has happened and it's NOT done yet.  

Here is the tale, unfortunately there aren't many photos yet so put the imagination cap on!  

Not only did I go out of town last week for a couple of days for the garden tour but on Friday evening The Hubby and I attended an engagement party for a friend.  It was such fun but huge.  The next day was my 60th birthday, June 4.

I'm now officially in that next decade and boy what a whirlwind day I had.  After the Friday bash Saturday morning rolled around with my oldest, B telling me she and Snicklefritz wanted to take me out to breakfast.  I got up and snazzed myself up, ready for the day.  

It was raining all morning which made me mad it wasn't sunshiney for my day.  9 a.m. came and the text telling me they were there.  Umbrella in tow I headed out to the car for breakfast.  I saw B taking pictures with her phone and as I went around to the passenger side I saw (this is on video that I can't figure out how to get off my phone) Snicklefritz in her car seat waving to me.  The back windows have a tint so it's hard to see.  I sat in the seat and heard Snicklefritz say, "Happy Birthday Granny," then B and THEN a voice in the other side of the back seat.  Oh MY GOSH!  It was A, in from California!  I had NO IDEA she was coming into town for my birthday!  Pure joy having my girls all together!

The whole day was full of surprises, that being the first.  Then we went to Broken Arrow, to the house where my father spent a good part of his childhood.  It's now Hometown Hospice and has been a tea room in its many incarnations.  B set it up that we were to have family pictures taken on the steps of the house.  The Hubby was there with Clayton along with B2 and their dog Mondo.  So my whole family was there for FAMILY PORTRAITS!  I cannot wait to see the finished ones.  After that we headed to my Daddy's without B2 or The Hubby and puppy paws.  Once there Bro and Sis showed up for another round of photos with Daddy!  We had breakfast casserole and mimosas and a great time.  

All that done we headed out shopping because The Hubby said I needed something for the evening!  Another surprise...maybe!  We went to Utica Square and I found a cute little dress for "dinner out." After that we went to B&B2's house to hang out because I was not allowed to go home.  CLUE!  A few naps, except for Snicklefritz and then we got all snazzed up yet again and then headed for dinner out.  

In the car I was BLINDFOLDED and then we drove and drove and drove but I kind of figured out we heading to my house.  We were met by the car and The Hubby walked the blindfolded me past lots of obstacles.....

SURPRISE!  Blindfold off and I saw we were in our backyard with 60 of our closet friends....Happy Birthday was sung and I giggled and lots of laughter was heard.  What fun!  The Hubby, B2 and my bestie, Christine set up the house like an art show.  The house was full of walls of my art and there was In The Raw sushi in the dining room and the place was FULL of friends.  A fantastic party and I had a blast.  A good many of the guests I had seen the night before at the engagement party!  

B finished a quilt I had started many years ago with just blocks.  I LOVE it!  I got tons of cards, hugs, kisses and friend and family time.  What more can a girl ask for!

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