Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Innocence of a Child

The innocence of a child is quite amazing.  

She is a pro at brushing her hair and it is getting so very long.

 We had Snicklefritz Friday night and it went very well.

Then Saturday morning as the air began to warm I wanted to take her outside to look at some of the flowers in our backyard.  Yes, yes, we have mirrors on our fences.  We got the idea from a local restaurant and since then The Hubby has picked up random mirrors at estate sales and the flea market.  I LOVE them and so does Snicklefritz.  The yellow flower is a shrub called a Japanese Kierra.  My greatgranny called it a Mexican Rose for years and made it so hard to find until I saw it in an edition of Southern Living a few years ago.  If you buy one get the double NOT the single.  It blooms off and on all summer and especially during hot times.  
 She loved smelling all the flowers during her exploration of the yard.

 My fabulous lilacs.  LOVE their fragrance.
 Had to buy some inside stuff for the family that is descending on us for Easter dinner today.  20 in all will be sitting at our many tables today.

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