Monday, January 04, 2016


Ha, betcha thought I was going to write about my siblings...NOPE!  Finished the kitties and called it:

8X10 oil on senso linen canvas

Just after I posted this little gem on my Facebook page a guy I went to high school with contacted me.  Now I never talked to the guy in high school, especially sense he was two years ahead of me, but I was kind of excited.  I know 40+ years ago...yada, yada, yada.  Anyway, he wanted to know if I could paint a portrait of his son in his football uniform, a LARGE one and how much.  I said sure and quoted from $300-450.  Here is part of his response:  I said yes of course it would.  

"Whoa ok, give me sometime, I just thought of something crazy not that I'm cheap lol would a b/w portrait look good"

 I said yes of course it would, not that the price would change because it is the time spent on the project.

His response:  
"Oh ok I see now its the time, ok well, this is something that just came to my mind lets stay in touch can you give me an estimate"

I said:  
don't be discouraged. It's time, paint, canvas all factors to make it come out right. Especially for a portrait painting, can take hours and hours of time. Please keep in touch. Thanks for the consideration.

His response:
"Ok thanks for giving me some of your time out of your busy day, and happy New year"

 Now, how should I take that?  Was he being nice?  I hope so but another person might kind of take it like snotty!  I choose to say he is a nice guy, right!  Hahahaha...Guess I'm not doing a portrait for commission.


Changes in the wind said...

The kittens look great!

Linda Kay said...

Jill, maybe it's the beginning of a great correspondence, maybe even a relationship? :-) Wonderful job on the kitties, they are so adorable.

Sweet Tea said...

Cute kitties! You did such a good job!
Sounds like the guy was a bit "put off" by the price quote.
Perhaps he thought because he "knew you" he would get
A price break. Probably a nice guy who found you're a
A little out of his league.