Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fireplaces, Food and Friends, the 3 F's

Brrrr, Baby it's cold outside, but happy day THE SUN IS SHINING!  Sorry but I did miss a post yesterday but just didn't have anything to say.  We hightailed it to the cabin Friday afternoon to spend some quality time with the cabinites.  Sadly we could only stay overnight as we had a dinner commitment with some of The Hubby's dance companions.  I really didn't want to leave as H was fixing her famous chicken gumbo but as it turns out we had a fantastic time with the dance buddies.  There were 10 of us and The Hubby's dance partner Tina's mother Elke fixed Hungarian goulash and German (she is true German) red cabbage.  Oh my goodness it was absolutely delicious.  So very yummy.  The visiting was so much fun too.  It was truly an evening worth coming back to town for.  Next weekend though, the cabin it is for the ENTIRE weekend.

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Michelle said...

The cabin visit sounds wonderful!