Monday, January 11, 2016

A Tale of Bureaucracy

This is a tale of bureaucracy and the headache that it is.  In July our right hand man put the renewal on my desk for his notary that we pay for.  I quickly figured out that it was a scam but he knew it was about time for the renewal so I sent in the info to renew his with the state.  It bounced back that it was too early (should be November) but there was no check, that the check was kept in an account.  I thought well then no problem.  So I stuck the paperwork in the calendar for the appropriate date and did just that, dropped it in the mail.  Well, of course it came back and said paperwork could not be continued because no money was sent.  So I called and they said the money was sent back to us, actually the money was sent to our guy and with the death of his wife and all I'm sure he just put it in the bank, all of $20.  I let it roll and got another check ready and we put the stuff in the mail.  Well, it came back because dang it the insurance company had not sent the bond yet to us and in the meantime it came in.  So I sent in the stuff again and it came back that because his notary was now expired we needed to send in $5.  It is now January and I have been playing tag through the mail since November.  That was last week and NOW our guy got in the mail the bond with red circled all over it saying he needed to sign in places, and have it NOTARIZED!  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!  So of course he had to go to the bank to get it notarized and the girl at the bank said she went through the same damn thing last year.  The bureaucracy is just crazy and we've probably spent $5 alone in postage.  I have a HEADACHE!

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Morgan Cartwright said...

That's the government for you.