Friday, September 25, 2015

A Granny In Awe

 That granddaughter, oh that granddaughter, I don't see her for a few days and I miss her terribly.  She is such a joy in our lives and I love her dearly.  

We got to play paint toenails last week.
Last week when I was watching her The Hubby wanted to take her out to lunch at this new cafe close to the shop called the Freeway Cafe.  The walls have shelves and shelves full of model cars and she and her granddad LOVE cars.  She plays with cars all the time and loves to buy them for her.  She was awed.  She had this HUGE plate of spaghetti which was pretty much left uneaten.  Mostly she ate my salad and one of the gigantic rolls they served. 
Later that afternoon B took her to visit Daddy (her GreatPaPa) and his cat Susie.  He was excited to see her and bought a special box of Fruit Loops (Brahams brand) to share with her and ice cream. 

Wednesday at the office she was so quiet after lunch that I thought we might get a nap but alas that was not to happen.  Right after her lunch she started looking at some of her books and spent an hour going through this story book, turning each page and studying them.   Monday we read several stories out of the book.  She loves to be read too.

Then she got this coloring book that has special markers and spent a good amount of time coloring in the lines.  Amazing for a nearly 3 year old to have that kind of focus.  We painted a bit too on Monday and she was amazingly focused on each and every stroke she make on her tiny canvas.  She will be wonderful in school. 


Sweet Tea said...

Perhaps she's gonna have your artistic talent! That would be great!,

Linda Kay said...

Such a beautiful child with all that lovely blonde hair. We enjoy our grandson as well, but he is already 8 and very busy.