Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Little Visitor

 This past Saturday night I offered to watch Rio overnight again.  I really love having her spend the night.  She is so much fun and interactive now.  Saturday evening after we had dinner we were sitting in the living room watching TV when The Hubby decided he wanted to try out the new smart TV and our NetFlix.  What popped out on the screen was Breaking Bad.  I realized that Rio was WATCHING it while playing with her cars, I mean WATCHING it.  I quickly got her sidetracked and got her bath going, which she loves.  Back into the living room and it was still on so back into her room and book reading.  Good Grief, he wanted to watch what HE wanted to watch.  So seven books later I was able to get her down for the night very easily.  The Hubby marathon watched Breaking Bad till about 12:30 then off to bed.  I was afraid he would dream about it all night long.
Sunday morning right at 8:00 I hear a soft voice, "Granny!"  I jumped up and ran into the guest room and she was awake and smiling.  Since she is potty training I wanted to make sure she was able to use the potty quickly.  Her overnight pull-up was almost dry!  We went to the kitchen and I fixed her scrambled eggs (with her help stirring), fresh fruit and cinnamon toast for the first time.  It was quite yummy and she cleaned her plate.  

The Hubby got up and was again watching television but this time his recorded MMA Extreme fighting.  YUCK, blood and hitting, she was so engrossed, so outside we went to enjoy the morning air and sunshine till he went to the office.
Finally, I got a turn at the television and my shows of choice are cooking shows.  Rio loves watching them to and they are parent approved. 
We had a great sleepover and I can't wait to do it again.

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Linda Kay said...

You had way too much fun, Jill, or should I say Grandma. Rio is a lucky girl.