Saturday, May 23, 2015

Family Life, Trials and Tribulations

I'm still healing very well.  Spent some time at the office this week, the grocery store and a wine run.  After all of the running around though I HAVE to rest.  It's like a balloon full of air and then you poke it with a pin...blghshhhwhhuchchchhaushhhl....all the air is let out, I lose steam.  By the next morning I am good again for another day.  Three more weeks of easy does it then I should be back to normal.  Every day is better and better.  

Last week I didn't drive till Thursday and that took all my strength to go to the office.  I noticed that my niece put on Facebook a call out for a ride to Clary Sage for an appointment to try and get in, to get her life to continue in a forward motion for the better.  She is back in town from rehab, has a job at Applebees and now wants to try cosmetology (a family tradition).  I applaud her effort to continue her "rehab".  Anyway at that point last week I was not driving but saw that she missed the meeting for a lack of a ride.  (Where is her family!)  I watched to see when she would reschedule and decided that I would be of assistance since I was driving now.  Monday evening nothing so I sent a message on Messenger and she replied that the reschedule was that day and she missed it too as she could not get there.  (The lack of a ride is no car, no drivers license due to tickets and fines.)  I told her I would take her if she rescheduled.  She was thrilled.  So Thursday morning I was at her house exactly at 9 a.m. and we were off.  Of course we were early but that was better than not there.  Since it is not far from my house I dropped her off and went home till she called about 11.  I picked her up and I could tell by her face she was worried and afraid.  She had a packet with her and I suggested we go get a bite of lunch and discuss it.  The packet was the financial paperwork along with a FAFSA form for money.  It is about $25,000. to go to the school and that alone scared her.  She said that she needed her mom to fill out the FAFSA form and needed two years of her tax returns.  Her concern was that her mother would not understand the forms and would just flat say no, as well she may.  I know my sister all too well.  The kid has over $4000 in fines to pay and then to do this was scaring her to death, plus the prospect of her mother saying, "NO!" I told her that was a good possibility but that she has no rent or bills save for the fines while living with her parents that then she should concentrate on paying the fines and getting her license back.  We also discussed Broken Arrow Beauty College that she never thought of.  It's hard to watch her be stuck, absolutely stuck in a place where there is no hope for a future for her.  No wonder she turned to drugs and alcohol.  She is faced with a blank wall.  That is just not fair to her.  We had a really nice conversation and lunch and I so hope she continues to push forward to keep her life in a positive motion, but I have my doubts when there is absolutely NO help from her immediate family.  Just breaks my heart.  How do you NOT give your children a future, or at least the prospect of one.  Can you imagine being an adult, living at home, no car, no drivers license, with no, NO marketable skills, working at Applebees FOREVER.  That would take a toll and it does not bode well to a positive outcome.  I'm sad for her.  

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