Thursday, February 26, 2015

Being Home?

Being home may not be all it's cracked up to be for Daddy.  He has been home since Monday with Home Health Care coming in every 24 hours to run his IV infusion but yesterday was a hiccup.  He developed a clogged in his pic line.  So off to the hospital my brother took him about 11 a.m.  to have it flushed.  I was watching Rio all day so I was not able to go.  I checked in later in the day about 4:30 to find out they were STILL in the ER waiting.  WHAT!  I decided I needed to spell brother so I canceled my plans and headed that way.  Bro took the brunt of that trip while I only had a couple hours of waiting.  They finally, FINALLY came in to clear Daddy's pic line about 7:15 p.m. He had not had his daily dose of antibiotic either so after a 45 minute wait while they searched for a pump he had his meds on board and we were out the door about 8:30.  So count the hours, 9-1/2 hours Daddy and us waited to be seen for a pic line flush.  That was totally ridiculous and as we were leaving the "head" nurse guy came in and apologized for the wait and asked that we call and lodge a complaint with his boss, the head honcho over all the nurses.  Said that it would have more impact from patients than employees.  I guess there is some terrible internal hospital crap going on there.  I so wish Daddy was with a different medical group because this hospital has had lots of issues for years.  I can't imagine that this is only the 3rd day for the pic line at home and he has weeks and weeks more of this.  We made sure that Daddy understood that this kind of wait for us would not be happening if he were in the skilled nursing care.  And if they doctor thinks he will be able to do this infusion thing on his own in a few weeks they are NUTS!  

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Linda Kay said...

How awful for you, Jill, and for Daddy. It is very difficult to help parents understand the need for nursing care beyond what they 'think' they can do on their own. God bless.