Saturday, January 03, 2015

Clean Up

The days are getting so messed up with the holidays and NO SUN.  It was weird that I could not make sense yesterday that it was Friday.  Usually we are heading to the cabin but opted to stay in town because of this nasty wet, cold, NO SUN weather.  I took time to paint a bit for the 30 day challenge as I have to every morning.  I decided to paint a little spring with the birdies.  

"Scarlet Tanager"

After a painting session I was off to take Christmas 2014 down and put away for next year.  That also meant cleaning out a closet, yet again.  Oh my gosh what a mess but I was able to even get this all back plus all the Christmas decorations and the TREE, with room to spare.  Just reshuffled a bit and trashed a bit.  

That done it was to the showers to wash my dusty self and de-grease the hair.  While reshuffling the closet I found jigsaw puzzles.  I LOVE jigsaw puzzles and haven't done them in years.  They bring back wonderful memories for me.  It was something we always did as a family during the winter months.  Especially on snowy days when school was called off and we couldn't (or wouldn't) go outside.  I posted this picture on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram yesterday and a guy from high school commented, "You gotta good start there, just 998 more to go". What a funny guy, made me laugh out loud.  

Today it's more time at the easel, jigsaw puzzle, listen to the first book of 2015, out to dinner with friends.  Bringing in the new year right.  


Kay said...

Wow! I especially love your bluebird!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That is a huge puzzle! I love your bluebird painting!