Monday, October 27, 2014


Thanksgiving...yes that time has rolled around yet again and I'm in a bit of a quandary about something, family.  As usual I am hosting the turkey feast but unlike last year we will be missing a few people, maybe.  This is how it is:  Last year I had The Hubby's side of the family and my side of the family, together, like I have done many, many times.  If you go back and read HERE you will see that things did not go well.  My niece totally ruined The Hubby's favorite holiday and a wonderful time we should have had with family.  Stealing and drugs are not part of Thanksgiving for me.  Anyway, I sent an email out to The Hubby's family and we are having Turkey day here yet again, WITHOUT my family.  Bro is having a nice day with his wife's family and hopefully Sis will be too, but that leaves my Daddy.  I will talk to him today and I'm sure he will come to our house whether he drives or someone goes to get him.  He never stays long but he totally enjoys it.  My problem and worry is that Sis will eventually ask what we are doing, "WE" meaning them too, and I DO NOT WANT THEM at my house.  I think the niece is still in rehab in Michigan but I do not want to take the chance she shows up and frankly, I'm so pissed at my sister right now I can't deal with her.

I asked her 2 weeks ago to PLEASE go by Daddy's and call Medicare and his health insurance supplement people to figure out why nothing is getting paid for his home health care visits.  She has yet to do that so I will go this afternoon after work and after watching Rio all day and deal with it.  She works, I work yet I have time, she apparently does not, but she has time to take off Fridays to go get her nails and hair done and to visit the bank to get a loan to pay off her credit card bills.  Yup, I got that phone call last Friday.  She called me and asked if I would do her a favor.  I sort of, reluctantly said "Sure,"  as she wanted me to be a REFERENCE for her as she was getting the loan to pay off her credit cards.  She wanted my address.  I wait for the stuff to come in the mail and then I will call and if it is some kind of a co-signer thing, NO DAMN WAY!  For goodness sake, as Bro put it, why not hock the mountain of jewelry she wears on each and every single finger, including thumbs, oh wait, that is why there is credit card debt.  Plus the Harley her husband had to have and the new Camero she had to have.  DON'T GET ME STARTED!  

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Linda Kay said...

What's the expression....the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree? So sorry that you have those family issues to deal with at a celebration time of year. In my opinion you are never obligated to invite family, only if you want to. I'm fortunate that I so far don't have that problem.