Saturday, July 19, 2014

Obligatory Cow Picture

This is my obligatory cow picture today.  Not sure what I wanted to post today so decided to add this cute snapshot of cows that Afton took while here on their vaca last week.  I may paint it!  At least will try.  

This week has been kind of BUSY to say the least, actually the past 3 weeks.  We had the company of Af & Dit (as Rio calls Nick).  It was quite wonderful having my girls all together with their guys, my family complete.  This week was watching the little love of my life, Rio which I just love, love, love but there is a reason why you have your children young.  I am POOPED!  I kept her overnight last Saturday night until Sunday afternoon, then Monday afternoon for a bit while B&B looked at a house.  Then Wednesday afternoon as Bri went to OKC for a Sew-In.  Actually, in all, that would be Wednesday afternoon, all day Thursday and Friday morning.  Again, I am pooped but never laughed more.  

Seems life just rolls on you know.  While we had company, and continuing on, our fridge was/is OUT!  The part is back-ordered for WEEKS now and still is for more weeks.  Living out of tiny refrigerators is not fun, especially with company for 2 weeks. 

The battery decided to go our on my Jeep on one of the hottest days last week.  

The weather today, here in July in Oklahoma is unseasonably pleasant.  If fact, we slept with the windows OPEN, IN JULY, IN OKLAHOMA!  Doesn't happen, ever, but we will take it.

A bit worried today too as Daddy is having some more health issues.  We finally have appointments to take him in for his heart stuff, echo cardiogram, ultrasound of his neck and then a heart cath test, 6 months after his little stroke.  Then I go to see him on Thursday night an he informs me that he has a place on his hip again as big as his hand.  He says it is different but the last time if you follow my blog was a nightmare.  His hip was replaced, he developed a MRSA infection in it and then had it removed for 6 months.  Stays in nursing homes (which he was not happy) and intravenous antibiotics then another new hip.  I am very, VERY afraid that the infection is back.  This means another trip to the doc on Monday morning to see what is going on.  We may have to postpone the heart cath as it is in a way invasive.  I just don't know, and it is getting me a bit on edge again.  I've watched him slowly deteriorate lately.  He has lost over 50 pounds and that really concerns me.  I don't think he eats as much at all.  He will be 79 this next month.  Just please keep him in your thoughts please.  It's hard!


Linda Kay Christensen said...

Jill, so sorry to hear about your dad. Our parents have all passed now, but there was a time when their health issues were a constant worry. You just don't want them to suffer any discomfort. Chin up, maybe all will be well when you see the doctor.

Michelle said...

I have a serious soft spot for cows having grown up with a grandfather and great grandfather who raised dairy cows. My siblings and cousins have countless childhood stories involving cows. Love this picture.