Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This and That

 Look what is in my garden.  I started these babies early, like March 17 and now I already have tomatoes.  Hopefully the squirrels, rabbits and birds LEAVE THEM ALONE!

This weekend I boogied out early for the cabin for the Memorial Day Weekend and spent a bit of time painting.  It was great fun.  

Remember the squirrel I painted...well, I posted it on Facebook before it was finished and one of the cabinite people jumped on it immediately.  I finished it and sent her an email with the picture.  She loved it still and wanted it.  When I delivered Mr. Squirrel on Thursday she admitted that she didn't even know what size it was but loved it.  

Later the next couple of days I received an email of where Mr. Squirrel found his place in her home.  
And look at the top, that is another of my paintings, one of my first.  It's Afton's Sunflower.  

While there delivering the art she asked what I was working on right now and I immediately showed her on my phone the sweet turtle doves.  She LOVED it and said she might have to have it too. 

Then yesterday afternoon she emailed me again and has commissioned me to paint her sweet Arnie.  Arnie was her late husbands dog that had been dumped around the cabins like 15 years ago.  This boy is close to the end of his very lucky life.  He had multiple seizures a day, diabetes and is just old but very much loved.  So I will try and capture him on canvas.

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Nolita Morgan said...

Very nice paintings, Carla. I have a friend who would have LOVED the squirrel. That sweet dog's face looks so much like my Kirby's...the eyes mostly. Can't wait to see how the painting turns out.