Friday, May 09, 2014

Bad Day Part 2

Yesterday I forgot to tell you how my day really got started in the shower.  While reaching for the 16 oz. bottle of shampoo it slipped out of my fingers and onto my left foot.  So now I have a matching set of foot injuries.  

But on to the rest of the story that was BAD DAY yesterday.  Oh and I have to say that to make all the appointments go smoothly I originally had my monthly facial/massage scheduled for Thursday, yesterday, so that was totally skipped.  But I digress.  It was set up that Bro would take Daddy to his echocardiogram of which the place called me to get insurance cards and then try to ding Daddy to pay up front, right.  Also, shifted the scheduling to allow for my GYN appointment that at the last minute was rescheduled.  Originally, this was all set up around making the GYN appointment and so The Hubby had to find another ride to the airport for his little trip, right.  Since I was not taking Daddy and Bro was I was expecting a report about how the test went but what I got was Bro telling me that there was not a test because Daddy's primary doctor did not order/refer test.  WHAT!!!!!  What was all the insurance crap and money up front crap and phone calls and the office WHEN I called to schedule telling me they had the doctor referral.  OH MY CRAP!  

Wait...this gets better.

Since I was not taking The Hubby to the airport the wife of the guy he is traveling with is taking them.  I take him to their house and kiss and hug goodbye, wave and I'm on my way home for a few days of me time.  I swing by and pick up a burger and plan on not leaving the house for a few days, painting and preparing high school reunion stuff.  Funny how all of a sudden plans change.  My phone rings and it's The Hubby.  They CANCELLED all flights to Dallas because of the storms in Dallas.  So they, The Hubby, his traveling buddy and his wife are all coming to our house to cook a steak and figure out what they are going to do.  This also means they missed their connecting 16 hour flight that all has to be rebooked.  K...I've already moved into comfy clothes, snuggled in to watch TV and veg but okay.  So now I have company and we're cooking and both guys are frantically trying to rebook and figure out how all of this is going to work out.  

Today, my plan was to sleep in and as you might figure out did not happen as it is 4 am when I awoke.  My mind is whirring with all of this crap.  My plan was to paint this morning but instead it is to chew out some butt of someone in a medical office, or two.  My plan was to have a nice Friday night of watching Netflix movies, but instead will have dinner at the traveling buddy's house where there will probably be dance practicing, of which I HATE!  Funny how my plans always get jacked up so badly.  Stay tuned as I'm sure there may be a Bad Day part 3.  I sincerely hope not. 

1 comment: said...

Oh you poor lady. Now that was botched up time for you.

Sorry about your foot energy but I love the color of your toe nails girly.

Lets hope nothing can go for # 3 disappointments.