Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Fun

The weekend was absolutely awesome.  My tummy troubles finally settled down and Saturday morning was the first day since Tuesday that it was not hurting.  Just in time to host some very old friends at the cabin.  The Hubby and J were childhood buds and their parents were best friends.  In fact J's middle name is The Hubby's dad's name.  They were so much fun and we even looked at a few cabins for sale....maybe they will buy one!

When we pulled up my daffodils were in full bloom!
Saturday we went to the range and practiced shooting a bit.  It was fun. 
See those little orange thingy's, we spent time knocking them around with bullets! 
Then we girls spent time watching the guys knock them around. 

See that mailbox door.  Well, it is posted on the post of the sitting area and houses pliers, staple gun, tape, nails, stuff for the shooting range.  Well, it is head high and guess what... 
it's in perfect alignment with the bridge of my nose.  Good grief, I saw stars.  You can't really tell here but by Sunday morning it was red, puffy with slight scab.  OUCH!

All in all we had the most wonderful time with our friends and can not wait to have them up again.  They fit right in with some of the other people up there Friday night!  

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