Sunday, March 02, 2014

Star Student

How excited was I yesterday when one of my friends, actually several of my friends, sent messages about this article in a local magazine called Tulsa Lifestyle Magazine.  I was interviewed a month or so ago for an piece about being a "Star Student."  I had NO idea it would be in the same issue as PS Gordon, a nationally known artist, among a few others.  Locally he is a big deal too, and a customer of our electrical business.  Anyway, my mail had not arrived yet, but I was hoping my copy would arrive soon and sure enough I heard the mail slot clang.  I was painting but finished what I was doing, signing a painting, and then went to see the publication laying in the mail basket.

Oooooo, so excited to read it.  
Oh my gosh, I had tears of happiness and joy in my eyes as I read the words.  It was a great article, although she mentioned something about me painting an eagle which I was not.  Not sure where she got that from.  



Kay said...

This is so cool! Congratulations! I love the photos in the article. Yae!

Beryl said...

That is so exciting. I'll be reading it as soon as I get back to Tulsa. Bet people ask you to sign it!