Friday, March 28, 2014

Random 5 Friday

Random 5 Friday is at hand.  If you would like to join in then please our host, Nancy at A Rural Journal to see how it's done!
  • I read the local paper every single day and the most interesting section for me are the obits.  Not that I'm morbid but I read to make sure I DON'T know anyone listed.  I'm also struck by the fear that I will someday grace these lists of the dearly departed and as time passes the time gets nearer and nearer.  The ages of a lot of them are at least 58 -70 years old and I realize that I will soon be 58!  EGADS!!!
  • Insurance, we all have some sort of insurance don't we.  We have life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, fire and casuality insurance, liability insurance, worker's compensation insurance, general liability insurance...oh I could go on forever.  We met with our "insurance" guy yesterday for the business insurance and I am struck by the absurdity of just having to have insurance.  Really it is for the "What If" in your life, be it home or in business.  Frankly, we have had a couple of instances in our business to use the "What If" factor in insurance.  I think the only one benefiting in the industry are the insurance companies on our "What If" fear.  
  • The wind lately blowing around is just about to drive me crazy.  I am hoping it is helping to blow away this stupid never-ending winter that just keeps hanging on.  It is almost April and we are still having below freezing temperatures!  Enough already.  My hammock is calling my name please.
  • This random stuff is kind of hard.  When I think of something that is random enough to write about I'm usually in my car with no paper or pen and no place to write it down.  
  • Anyone want some zebra finches.  About 3 years ago a friend called me, since she knew I already had birds, to ask if I wanted some zebra finches.  The story was that a lady friend of hers daughters had given her 4 zebra finches for Mother's Day and she absolutely, under no uncertain terms, HATED them and was going to let them out the front door.  Well, for one thing the little guys are African and not meant for Oklahoma, maybe the summer but not the winter.  Especially the winter we've had here.  I fell for the story and took the little fluttery things in and quickly discovered that there were two males and two females.  Thank goodness I had lots of cages to separate them.  I love birds but I'm really ready to find them some new homes.  I'm tired of taking care of them but will continue because that is what I signed on for but I really would like to find them another home.  Have to get hard at work at that be it the zoo or Craig's List or maybe an assisted living center!  


Karen said...

I'll be 58 tomorrow, and all I can think is "how'd I get here so fast"! Giving the birds to an assisted living centre is a terrific idea!

Snap said...

good luck finding homes for the finches. don't get me started on insurance ... the premiums go up each year for less coverage. someone is making a lot of $$$. hang in there -- spring is coming! happy friday!

Linda R said...

I enjoyed reading your random thoughts this afternoon!! Just the thought of buying insurance for just about everything irritates me!! That's a lot of money that could be spent on something else!! But the minute you don't have it is when you'll need it!! That's Murphy's Law!

Ida said...

I also read the (Obits) in the paper and yes it is alarming when people close to your own age are dying. I just turned 58.
So many are sick of the winter we've had. I feel for them. Here we are having a very "rainy" week.
Hope you find a home for those birds. We have cats, not a good combination.

Sarah Huizenga said...

The one thing I want with my obit. is a current picture if they must use a picture. Don't use one from when I was 20.

Anonymous said...

As my grandmother said once: If she wasn't paying for insurance, she could afford to go to the doctor!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I agree about the insurance and it being a "what if" that someone is making a lot of money from. Hope you find a home for the birds! I'm trying to find a home for some kittens. Good luck to us both!
Have a nice weekend!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Startling observation on the obits -- makes you face your own eventual mortality when folks your own age are listed frequently!

Good luck finding homes for the finches. We had a cockatiel for a few years -- noisy, messy and that's about it.