Thursday, March 06, 2014

A Painting Sort of Way

I have been a bit quite here this week but that doesn't mean life is not barreling along for me.  We had yet ANOTHER snow here the past weekend which kind of shut stuff down Monday and Tuesday.  Even though I knew my desk was piled with invoicing at the office on Monday I decided that I was NOT going out.  I actually did not even leave my house from Saturday to Monday.  That was quite nice I must say.  I spent that time painting!  

This one I just had to paint.  It is NOT finished yet, just blocked in with a bit of color.  I've got to fix Mondo's inside eye.  Anyway, this is our little Rio and her best friend Mondo.  I just love the photo of her hugging his neck.  The Hubby, when I showed it to him said, "It's the back of her head." I replied, "Yes, because painting the back of a head than painting the front."

This one looks sort of like another one I painted but a tad bigger and I LOVE sunflowers or daisies (whatever they are).  This one is not quite finished here. 

Was kind of in an abstract state of mind here.   

But mostly, I enjoyed the sun that was streaming through my window.
(Yes the classes are crooked mostly because a paperclip is holding the earpiece on and my ears are a bit lopsided I think!  Anyway, SUNSHINE!!!!!!  That is contentment on my face.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Being stuck at home for a few days can be very relaxing. I like your paintings - they turned out wonderfully!

Kay said...

Ahhhhh.... wonderful! Have a wonderful, warm and restful weekend. said...

oh the sunflower is awesome. You are gifted with a brush.