Friday, September 13, 2013

To Shoe Or Not To Shoe, That Is The Question

Dang's 4:11 a.m. and I am a awake!  I don't know why I sometimes just wake up and the more I toss and turn and try to go back to sleep the more uncomfortable I get, so I just get up.  The mind clicks on and then I'm in trouble.  I will probably have to take a quick catnap this afternoon, or not.  

Yesterday I took the DAY OFF!  That's right I took the day for ME!  Of course I took Tuesday too!  But yesterday I got up knowing that I was going to a total ME day of fun.  The first thing was of course my workout, a must!  Then home to shower and ready for the big day.  No makeup as it was a day of facial, massage and reflexology.  But first I had to mail out another painting, a commission work that I finished.  I've sold a couple of paintings lately, one old one and a brand new commission.  So exciting and I got another commission that I will be working on this weekend.
Since I had a lot of time to kill before my appointments in the afternoon I wanted to go shoe shopping.  Yes you heard me right, shoe shopping.  I hate shoe shopping and generally hate shoes but it was time I replaced my walking shoes.  The workout shoes are fine but I get tired of wearing them all the time and since sandal time is nearing the end for the year, walking shoes it is.  I went to the store I knew best at the mall, parked, then walked all the way inside to find the thing had closed well over 6 months ago.  Well, it has been awhile since I have been at the mall that is very clear.  Now what to do.  Well, I decided to go to a local store called Flemings.  They have some nice shoes and I like to buy local when I can so back in the car I go.  Wow, they had expanded since I was last there (told you I HATE to shoe shop).  I was thrilled to find sandals 50% off so I got a couple pair for next summer and will toss the ones I've been wearing for a couple of years and are falling apart!  Next I found a couple of fabulous walking shoes and then my eye spied a couple pair of pumps.  Now, these are shoes I really hate as my feet hate them but oh they were cute and when I put them on they were were like butter on my feet.  WOW!  I bought them too.  So this "I hate shoe shopping girl" came home with 6 pairs of shoes yesterday!  My credit card is screaming but I am happy.  

So happy I was that I took myself out to eat, all by myself and I was good.  I wanted a burger but opted for no bun and a small coleslaw!  Then it was off to my beauty day.  Ahhhh, life is grand.

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Kay said...

Yae for YOU! It's always good to have a day to just enjoy for yourself. It's excellent for your health.