Friday, September 27, 2013

Daddy Update.

Brother and I have taken turns and spent time together during the days with Daddy at the hospital since Tuesday.  They did a CAT scan on Wednesday and yesterday they informed us that he definitely had a small stroke.  They still don't know what is causing the fever, and he's having horrendous headaches but that may be the stroke.  We left yesterday afternoon when the rehab people came in to assess his capabilities so we're not sure how the legs are working but he was flailing them a lot in the ER on Tuesday trying to get comfortable on the bed after about 7 hours.  They only thing we can detect is a bit of confusion sometimes but that only comes up when the fever comes up.  The doctor said that could be part of the stroke too but just don't know.  Daddy told us and the doctors that he was sick for 4 days with fever and had not eaten for the 4 days and I was sure that was what caused the weakness, but...last night I talked to his neighbor and he told me that Daddy was standing out back by the fence yakking to him on Sunday night for about 30 minutes.  Hmmmm, makes me think he is saying this stuff about "4 days of being sick" because of the stroke and that he can't remember.  Makes much more sense.  He's always been kind of liberal with any kind of information, stretching the truth, and such it just seems a bit more wild.  We have to remember this when he tells us stuff and not take anything he says literally.  Anyway, he's still in the hospital at least till Monday when they determine if it's rehab at home or at a center.  

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Kay said...

I'm glad your dad has all of you caring and worrying for him.