Monday, July 08, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

Good morning, good morning.  The scale is up a bit this morning but I'm not too worried.  It could be not enough water or a bit more wine this weekend.  This morning I've already prepared our lunch and had my breakfast.  I've hit the ground running and will continue on my quest of a lighter me.  I can honestly say that my body feels lighter and my tummy is shrinking faster than you can imagine.  This is going to work!!!  The Hubby is so excited and happy by my desire and success so far that I came home yesterday to find these sitting on the kitchen counter -

I have chiggars!  Saturday, my time in the hammock has somehow caused me to have chiggars all around the bra area and I HATE it!  In fact, I have one bite from nearly two months ago that is still healing.  Gosh I so hate chiggars.  Why can't it be mosquito bites that my body seems to absorb and disappear quickly.  Nope, I shall have these for awhile!  Awww, lovely weekend!  It was also the fireworks show at the cabin retreat so I spent time indoors in the evening watching Clayton not care one lick about all the big bang boom!  He doesn't mind fireworks, like I hate them.  I did finish a book, A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams that I highly recommend.  I'm finishing a audio in the car called The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton that I thought was a bit long but the ending surprising.  I liked it.  Started the new Janet Evanovich book The Heist which I should finish this week.

I told The Hubby that this next weekend I wish to stay in town.  I have a lot of paintings to start and finish and many in my head to do.  Since my show is in October they need to get done so there is time to dry, since I paint in oils.  So next weekend I do not wish to budge from this house!  Besides we will be taking care of the granddog, Mondo and I don't want to take him to the cabin.  He's fun to have and Clayton will so enjoy having him around.

How was your weekend.  Staying cool!

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Beryl said...

Beautiful roses - how sweet of your husband. I love when there's a new Janet Evanovich to read. Since moving to Oklahoma I've been told about these Chiggers, but have been luck not to get them. My husband hits golf ball in a field behind his office and comes home with all these red lumps all over his ankles, that I think must be them.