Saturday, July 27, 2013

Week Wrap-Up

Wow, this week has been quite a week in a lot of ways.  I'm down another pound and I was able to pass up these puppies that a salesman keeps bringing to our office.  I breezed right by them, after snapping a quick pic!  A small victory.  I (we) also went out last night to Mexicali Border Cafe for a small class reunion dinner (The Hubby's) and I ate ONE chip, grilled chicken with sauteed veggies.  Success!

I'm kind of addicted to Island magazine and then I saw this magazine where I get my nails done and just had to subscribe.  I am not really a great traveler but I kind of dream when I look through the pages of these magazines.  Maybe, someday we will be able to take the time but work goes on... 

I have some other news but need to let it bubble around for a bit before I let it out there.  I can say it involves my painting and is very exciting, for me.  

Lastly, our little Clayton had visitors yesterday, his former owners, who live around the corner stopped by to visit him.  The still so love him but know he has such a wonderful home here.  They come by once in awhile to see his sweet face and get some of his slurppy kisses.  That's my boy.   

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