Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Storms - July in Oklahoma

What a time we had last night.  Summer storms in July in Oklahoma!  Our generator, thankfully came on and has been running like a top since about 11 pm last night.  Our whole small neighborhood is without power as are tons of people.  It was truly scary and had the feeling of the ice storm of '09 when I stepped out of the house this morning. 
The first picture is of the neighbors to the north of us.  The house on the corner lost a limb and it is in the next yard down, our closet neighbors house. 
Small stuff in our yard, we were very lucky. 
Not so much the neighbors across the street and two doors down.  This massive oak was literally pulled out of the ground and is laying on the corner of the other neighbors house. 
Oh my goodness, just look at that thing.


Nonnie said...

I am watching the news. My family is in Tulsa and brother and sister work downtown. Waiting to hear if all is well for them.
Great pics!

Sweet Tea said...

Such a bizzrre storm. Glad you are ok.