Friday, July 05, 2013

After the 4th!

Yesterday was such an awesome day.  Up for breakfast, later, much later than is the norm, then read, and take some pictures and paint, paint, paint!  A bit of a nap and more reading and relaxation.  That is what the doctor ordered, so to speak!  I actually finished a couple of paintings and started another so I accomplished a lot on the 4th.  
This is one of the pictures I took, a still life for possible painting.  The Hubby attended a recent bottle show and brought these lovelies home.  I couldn't help but photo them in anticipation of a painting.  

Started this one too today.  It needs to dry so I can do something more with the background.

Finished this abstract too and I must say I love it!

Last but not least is this pepper.  I did a tomato a couple of months ago and posted it on Facebook and it was snatched up quickly, like in 15 minutes by a friend who then requested a companion piece, a green pepper.  She loves it!  So SOLD!


Beryl said...

That Green Pepper painting is wonderful!

Sweet Tea said...

I love that you feel confident enough to look at your own work and declare that you love it. You do a great job and I'm glad you've come to realize just how talented you are!!