Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Lesson Before Dying

I finished this book yesterday.  It has been in my "stack" of books for years and I think was on Oprah's Book Club list probably over 10 years ago.  I finally got around to reading, well listening, to it.  Such a good book, sad, thought provoking and in this time really thought provoking.  With all the stuff going on with Paula Deen and that girl on Big Brother lately with racial slurs and words tossed around my mind has been on the subject a lot.  The books time period is in the 1940's in Cajun country about a young black man named Jefferson who somehow gets tied into a robbery gone bad and he's the only one left standing.  Being black, in the 40's and the south he is convicted to death and all of the waiting for his execution effects everyone in town in some way or another.  The story is of course sad but it brings thoughts to mind of the time era and how far we HAVE come in the world yet when I watch the Big Brother show and see that young girl espousing the racial crap I see we still have not come very far.  Why can't we learn to love everyone, to stop this insane difference that keeps us so far apart from becoming human beings!  My mind is a jumble of these thoughts lately.  Sorry.  It's a really good book.

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I agree with you. Something to ponder on after a read.

Gods love has gone in people. How sad. Of corse wh you have not Gods love it is hard as they search for know meaning in life.
Look at that young man who took his life this week. On the t.v soap I call it. His addiction got a hold of him without the Lord life is shallow and empty.

I am reading a book a Christian book novel called Redeeming Love a Novel by Francine Rivers.

At first when I started to read it. I thought this in a Christian book store and a Christian author. What is this. My daughter in-law read it. She said the more you read it. The more you will see how it fits into the whold story to the Christian man chosing a womwn to marry to take her out of the realm of sin. How she was a women of the streets who knew know better.

I am on page 163. Every page I turn brings me to what will happen next from her ideas of the life that was to the life she only knew her Mom to die from.

California gold country 1850's written.

What a read. Married to wear dresses covering her self to the
flamborent dress to draw men to her.

Visit Francine online www

It is an eye opener how we do judge others not knowing what comes from within as well as the outer appearance of sin.