Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Showers

May Showers!

Good morning!  Yes, good morning, even though the skies are grey and stormy outside.  Good grief, I'm so tired of the rain and stormies.  Although what is going on weather-wise here in Oklahoma right now reminds me of summer about 1969 here in Oklahoma.  I remember it being quite rainy that summer, so much so that through June we could hardly even swim because of the storms.  I know that it will pass but I'm getting quite tired of it.  We've had some pretty awesome days lately but I so need more.  I'm home this morning and want to paint but it's hard to get inspired when it is dreary outside. 

I've had some successful luck in creating lately and want to continue.  This past weekend I took this photo (previous post) and so have started painting it.  So far, I like.  I also invested in some watercolor paints to continue that avenue of experience.  Just haven't gotten them out of the store bag yet, need inspiration. 

(Yesterday I got to keep the little princess again and boy what fun did we have.  She is so AWESOME!)

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