Friday, March 01, 2013

Life and Death

Yesterday was my relax day, or so I thought.  I had a fabulous massage and facial but all I could do was think and be tense.  Lots of stuff rolling around in my noggin that caused me to not enjoy as much.  B&B2 are having so much trouble with little Rio this past week.  Today she is 5 months old and all of a sudden the sleeping thing is a problem.  She naps just fine but when they go to put her in her crib she wakes shortly and starts SCREAMING!  They can't figure it out, except I suspect the little bugger has discovered that if she screams she gets picked up and taken to her parents bed to sleep very nice and snuggily.  I have always said they are smarter than we are and my best guess is just that.  I feel so bad for them but hey, we've all gone through this stuff with the little ones, haven't we.  They will get through.  I can't wait to call them this morning because they were going to try to employ a bit of tough love to break this cycle before it becomes a huge monster.  Good luck!

With all the baby goings on they are also dealing with one of their beloved kitty's Pimmy dying.  Pimmy has some kind of kidney disease or cancer and she is just on the edge of leaving her happy little home forever.  B&B2 have given her a wonderful life being as she was a rescue from Street Cats, where B has volunteered since she was out of college.  I think Pimmy is 12 or 13 years old and is a real sweetie.  So there they are dealing with a 5 month old that won't sleep and a dying cat.   The stress is making them a puddle of tears and stress lately.  Luckily, they know it will all be a temporary phase and Rio will sleep and Pimmy will be at peace soon.

On top of all of this we get the news yesterday that our right hand man, Ben, his wife Jamie has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  We knew that they had been going to tons of doctors visits and they had suspected this but the confirmation was yesterday and it is very bad.  She has it in both ovaries and it has moved to her stomach, so far.  Tuesday they will do surgery to remove the ovaries and to see where else it has moved to then she will start chemo.  This just breaks my heart because Jamie is the nicest person in the world and so is Ben.  They are real jewels and I can't make heads or tails out of them having to deal with this.  Yesterday when Ben leaned over the desk area to tell B and myself then walked outside, I turned to B to see tears just rolling.  She is on the edge with all of this and lack of sleep is taking a toll.  I remember when my little ones put me through this, B in particular, my momma was there to help, to let me sleep.  Thank goodness the other half, B2 has been a wonderful, a great partner to understand and be there.  I try to be there too.  They will survive and sleep will again be a part of their lives, someday!  At least Rio is not sick, she is just wanting her momma.

I'm not much of a prayer kind of person at all but I do pass all of this on to our old church prayer chain, just in case.  There are others much better at sending out the goodness to those in need than I am.  I also send out to my friends here to pray, meditate, just send out the goodness for Ben and Jamie in the horrible time of need in their lives.  My heart is breaking for them.  We have here the beginnings of a wonderful life in little Rio and the end of a sweet little furry life in Pimmy and then the unknown of a life future in sweet Jamie.


Beryl said...

The baby thing is so hard. We had neighbors who could never tough it out and let their daughter cry until she fell asleep. (Which we could understand.) What I could not understand was how they could let her cry every night for over half an hour, and then take her out of her room. Every night for months. They actually moved, so for all I know, that little girl is still outsmarting her parents. (I agree with you when you says they are smarter!)
Ovarian Cancer is such a sad diagnosis. I hope our scientists figure it out soon.

Kay said...

This is so very sad. All you can do is be there to listen and lend support. I'm so sorry.