Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fart Girl

Tuesday morning, a very cold Tuesday morning.  My goodness I think winter has decided it needed to stay around a bit longer.  The Hubby went out of town to hang with some buddies for a few days at a lodge somewhere in Arkansas to return today.  He texted me that it has been almost non-stop snow and COLD.  They are quite miserable but one of the guys is a fantastic cook so they've been eating like kings.  He so needed a get-away of some kind.  I needed a get-away too but mines just a stay-at-home kind.  It's been kind of nice to have a couple of days of just me and Clayton.  Of course I still had to work yesterday but that brings time with the little princess, Miss Rio.  
I got to spend some time Sunday with the drama queen as they went out to celebrate B2's birthday.  I may get to try the overnight thing again on Friday night as they celebrate 5 years of marriage.  I'm a little scared because she's still not sleeping all night.  We tried when she was very young and that did not work but now that she is almost 6 months old it might work.  

Funny thing about this little beauty is that I had not heard her laugh in person yet.  I just could not get her to giggle for me, then on Sunday while watching her I took her to the changing table to change her diaper.  Just as I took the wet one off and leaned over to toss in the trash she farted.  She farted a whistle kind of one that must have tickled because she belted out a belly laugh at herself.  Then she was on a roll and I was laughing so hard at her I had tears.  Oh, how I love to hear babies laugh.  My world is complete to hear sweet Rio laugh!  

Wednesday night I'm entertaining my old Jazzercise group of girls here.  They haven't seen the new bathroom addition or the outdoor kitchen addition so I'm pretty excited.  I have to clean up a bit to prepare then on Sunday I've extended the invite to family for dinner.  So that means more cleanup, buy a ham, deviled eggs and lots of fun time with people I love.  I love to entertain.  

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Kay said...

Oh, I can picture it. Sooo adorable!