Friday, March 08, 2013

A Bit of Catch-Up

I know I'm not posting as much lately but hopefully when I do it will be worth your while to read my words.  

Lots of things are happening this week, sad stuff for sure. 
B&B2 lost one of their furry friends, Pimmy.  She started going downhill a couple of months ago and early this week she took her last little breaths with them holding her.  She had a wonderful life after B adopted her several years ago.  I have to paint her hopefully!
My job as caregiver for sweet Rio also means that Grandpa gets a turn too.  Monday The Hubby had a meeting with an architect and builder in the office and I JUST HAD to visit the little girls room so Rio got to sit in on the proceedings at work.  She seemed to have an opinion about something here.  What a good little girl she is.  Yesterday she finally laughed at me.  I was thrilled!

Sadly, one of our long time employees and friend has been going through hell.  His wife, Jamie, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and went through two grueling surgeries on Tuesday.  The cancer had spread so then ended up taking part of her large intestine, colon, appendix and a complete hysterectomy.  While in recovery she had a bleed so they had to go back in to fix that and found another tumor.  The doctor told them that they got 95-98% of it out and the chemo will take care of the rest.  I hope they are so right.  They are such great people and I hate they have to deal with this. 

Last night I also spent time with some friends celebrating a birthday!  What a great group of friends.  Lots of laughter and bonding.  

On a good note, I got the Burpee catalogs out and ordered the seed for my garden this year.  I am so READY to play in the dirt.  I think a bit of sunshine and warmth to the air is helping my depression and do-nothing attitude.  I actually painted a bit and loved it and was was inspired again.   
Speaking of painting, yesterday while getting my pedicure I was thrilled when the place I go to asked if I would be interested in hanging my art to sell!!!!!! YES, YES, YES!!!!!  Now I have to get the paintings I want to hang ready.  I also sold a print this week!  Things are looking up.  


Nolita said...

Aw...poor Pimmy. Prayers for you and your friends as they battle cancer..

Beryl said...

So sad about your friend, but hoping all the prayer will help with the best outcome.
Great news about selling a print.