Saturday, November 24, 2012

Grey Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday

Grey Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday.  Have I missed something here.  Have the days of the week changed and no one told me.  Do you participate in this madness?  I have gone out on a Black Friday a few times before but that was when it was a relatively new idea and not crowded.  Also, the stores didn't open till like 5 or 6 am, not Thursday morning.  Now, I prefer to go to the cabin and hibernate from the hustle and bustle that has become the NOT Christmas like holidays!  What has happened to a perfectly nice family holiday, we've made it all about the commercialness of getting a good deal on crap we don't need!  I have to admit I am a Cyber Monday kind of gal but that is because I HATE the mall.  I will do my Christmas shopping a small Mom & Pop kind of stores so as not to deal with the crap that retail has turned Christmas into.  I want to go back to getting oranges, apples, and nuts in my stocking.  Being excited for a handmade pair of pants or dress from my momma.  Back to the idea of just being with family instead of an XBox or IPhone or crap like that.  Christmas has lost it and we have to got to get it back.

On Tuesday I am planning on having part of The Hubby's family, B&B2-w/Rio over for a bite to eat and then we will decorate the tree and house.  They will help me since I'm kind of down a bit and besides it is great fun.  We did it a few years ago and my oh my was it the best time.  I'm going to have Christmas music playing, we will sing along, laugh, eat and enjoy each other's company.  Maybe I'll even have some cider or hot cookies, something to give the house a fabulous smell.  I really can't wait and think this time will be even more fun than Christmas Day!

Next year why don't we BOYCOTT the Grey Thursday, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday!  Take back our holiday from retailers and make them start celebrating it again at the appropriate time again, the day after Thanksgiving, NOT Labor Day!

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Kay said...

I saw holiday stuff after Halloween here in Hawaii. That was a surprise. I thought there was some kind of unwritten law that holiday stuff didn't come out until after Thanksgiving.