Saturday, April 07, 2012


I know there are different definitions for snorking but for me the definition is The Hubby snoring!  The story goes like this:

Several years ago The Hubby had a huge snoring issue, horrible!  He reminded me of my father who is the king of snoring and peeling the paint off the walls.  He would wake himself up choking, unable to get his breath, wheezing.  It was scary.  It also seemed that the minute he would set down in his chair in the evenings that a switch was on his butt to click to sleep.  He could never stay awake.  I feared sleep apnea, which is very unhealthy.  I urged him to see a doctor.  The doctor suggested a sleep study where they found he was only getting about 10 minutes an hour of sleep and was not able to get to R.E.M. sleep.  He was not dreaming.  The option they gave him was surgery.  You see as you get older things kind of sag, and in his case the uvula in the back of his throat was sagging and choking him in his sleep.  Plus he had a deviated septum that hindered his sleep and breathing. 

(EGAD, I just googled uvula and people PIERCE that!)

So the surgery was set.  They were going to laser off his sagging uvula and fix the deviated septum.  Easy peasy!  I drove him to the outpatient clinic and his mother met us.  She was very worried.  He went in and was out within an hour all groggy and packed.  I took him home with a few prescriptions for pain and one for pain suckers at a apothecary pharmacy.  He was in pain!!!  Imagine having your uvula lasered off!  EEK! 

(I know this is a long story.)

That first night The Hubby said he had never, ever been in so much pain in his life, but, it was the first time in years he actually dreamed.  He had the best night of actual sleep, with the pain, he had ever had.  Best thing he had ever done, but also the worst. 

Now, several years later and we are at a point that he has started, not snoring, but snorking.  At least that is the word I think of as he is making that sound at night.  It's kind of a wheezing, whistling, lame snore.  Trust me it is not as bad as the snoring used to be but it is annoying. 

I snore too.  It is especially bad if my allergies are in an uproar and being spring in Oklahoma they are.  I have to say though I dream, dream, dream.  I get a good nights sleep snoring and all.  The Hubby keeps saying I forced him to have the surgery and so he wants me to!  WHAT!  No friggin' way!  Besides, I don't have sleep apnea.  My uvula is safe and sound and will never see the bad side of a laser I can tell you.  And for the record I only told him to see the doctor, he made his own decision for surgery. 

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Sweet Tea said...

Lol. I just hate it when things "come back around" to bite us on the billybong (daughter's word). Protect your uvula, friend!!! BTW, I actually have a friend who had that surgery -no problems or bad pain, whatsoever,
just sayin. . .(men are wimps!)