Saturday, April 14, 2012

Neighbors, Part 5 - Double 07 House

Now we continue the story from The 58th Street House...

We had sold the 58th Street House but the day of the closing on the new house came to a screeching halt.  The wonderful house in a culdesac with a HUGE backyard for a new pool and garden was not to be.  We were faxed the closing info so we could get the cashiers check and found a small paper showing a major gas pipeline that ran through the middle of the backyard property.  It cut through the area for the new pool and garden and the house had been built as far out as it could because of the easements of all of it.  We were lied to or at least the info was hidden in documentation.  We backed out and were left with four weeks to find another house because the closing on our old house was imminent.  I was devasted.  We had already bought a riding lawnmower because the "new" backyard was so huge. 

We were yet again on the hunt for a 4 bedroom 2 bath house in a neighborhood that I thought I HAD to have.  We looked at every house at least twice and then looked at a three bedroom that I had seen before, The Double 07 House.  It was a corner house and was a beauty but when I saw it a single man lived in it, a HUGE man.  His furniture was huge and made it seem so very small.  We looked again because it was empty.  We loved it and put a contract on it immediately.  We were happy again but that was short-lived as the guy and the realtor lied to us.  They hid that the house had water in the ducts and the roof leaked.  They patched and hid things.  We only found out because the engineer inspecting had done the previous and found old records of stuff that had NOT been fixed.  They got in tons of trouble, we got a new roof and french drains to fix the water issue. 

EEK....Apparantly I don't have pictures of this house either.  Moving day came and we had movers scheduled and had to be out of the house that weekend as we had closed on Friday and were given that weekend to move.  Saturday morning, bright and early we waited for the movers.  They didn't show.  Thank goodness we had a lot of friends with trucks and good backs.  That was the day I lost the feeling in my big toe from being on my feet all day long and more.  Oh my gosh I was tired.  We loved that house and had some wonderful neighbors but not as close as before. 

Remember I was going to relate back to the previous neighbors Bob and Kathleen with pesky Julie.  From the old neighborhood Bob and Katleen had moved nearly 5 years previously and we knew not where, nor did we care.  The pest had moved and were quite happy.  Guess what!  Across the street from the Double 07 House there were our old neighbors Bob and Kathleen.  Who in their wildest dreams think we would be neighbors again.  Thank goodness Julie had moved away and we never saw her again.  Bob and Kathleen because very nice neighbors which we enjoyed visiting with for the 10 years we lived there. 

We are now out of that neighborhood and into our 4th house and the plans are for it to be our last but you know that magic 10 year thing is fast approaching.  I may get itchy feet to do it again!

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Beryl said...

Not many people have enough friends, not to mention the trucks, to move a whole household at the last minute like that. We had professional movers bring our stuff from Seattle, and they didn't care for our stuff at all. Your move sounds so much better. Hope your big toe came back to life.