Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Hard Day's Work

So very tired today and really sore but I got a lot done yesterday at the cabin yard.
This is or was a Carolina Jasmine.  I bought two a few weeks ago but we didn't get them in the ground that weekend and I thought they would be fine, I was wrong.  I told The Hubby to go ahead and plant them but planned on purchasing them again.

Then, this week I bought one and a passion flower to replace.  Look what I found when we arrived on Friday, green shoots. 
So I went ahead and just planted the new one next to it so just in case.

My poor clematis have fallen and then can't get up.  I spent a good hour working to get them upright again on the dead tree. worked!  All upright and ready for the sun.  Remember when you plant clematis, they like their "heads in the sun and feet in the shade!"   This is what my mother used to say all the time.

Oh, and the roses are in bloom! 

the trash to haul off. 

I'm not sure what this tree or shrub is but it is sweet smelling and the whole time I was giving it a haircut there was low hum as the honey bees were a working it.  I would take it out except for the bees need it.  It also attracts loads of butterflies but for the life of me yesterday I could not get a picture.
More clematis and passion flower and my sun tea! 
Another after picture...there was so much junk there.  I'm not sure what I'm putting back but I need to divide some iris, day lilies and hostas. 
Just a snapshot of a crooked tomato cage.  I planted four tomatoes.  I have lots of creeping thyme, sage, and oregano. 
My beautiful hostas.  I love them.  It's funny that no one in our little cabin community can grow hostas because the deer eat them down to nubs.  But because my yard has tiers and is tightly enclosed with a nice wrought iron fence they won't jump in it.  I'm kind of lucky! 
Happy Gardening everyone.  My legs, shoulders, arms, back, etc., are letting me know this morning that I put in a hard days work yesterday!

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Nolita said...

So glad to hear your jasmine is still alive...I think I need to get some jasmine into my back yard this year...maybe near the pond. Hope you are not too sore after all of the hard work you did...things look really great in your cabin yard. Your hard work will make enjoyment for your friends and family for sure!