Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cabin Time and Mood Music

Our one night at the cabin yielded a few nice pictures.  When we pulled up Friday night I was greeted with these beautiful clematis.  My clematis were in full bloom with the promise of more to come.  My new peonies were blooming but not very nice so no pictures yet.  
I also discovered these wonderful white iris.  They have been in one of the flowerbeds since we bought the place but this was the first time they have bloomed.  The neighbor decided to rip out all of the junk brush and trees on his side of the fence that hung over and shaded.  The upside is that there was enough sun the iris wanted to shine again.  Sadly he also ripped out a fabulous old fashioned lilac.  My heart was broken when I realized that.   
Oh look, there is a picture of the peony behind Clayton.  He was playing guard dog...HaHa! 
We were to come home Saturday afternoon for a party but found out it was canceled because of the threat of weather.  We could have stayed but wanted to spend a bit of time at home, together.  He was in a mood, playing love music all the way home.  Between him doing dishes and playing mood music I was happy for the foreplay!

Lugging my stuff down the steps to the car I nearly stepped on this handsome guy.  Isn't he a dream.  I may just have to paint him, on canvas!

By the way, I've written this late Saturday as we wait for the impending bad weather to descend upon us.  Sometime late in the middle of the night they say the squall line will hit and there will probably be very bad storms.  I certainly hope not.  


Michelle said...

My husband was out "weeding" along our fence, pulling up everything that he thought was junk, and he ripped out every single lilac. Granted, they were all little twiggy things, but I was hoping a few would grow big! Oh well! I've still got my Iris' and he's not allowed anywhere near them!

Beryl said...

Cute Clayton the guard dog! Your flowers look very pretty. Too bad about the lilac, though. The turtle is very neat and will make a nice picture. This weekend was pretty stormtastic, wasn't it?

Kristy @PampersandPinot said...

Well, mention of cabins and impending storm just makes me feel cozy for ya! Enjoy yourselves!