Saturday, February 04, 2012

Weekend Happenins'

Saturday morning!  I'm just tapping away here on my keyboard because I committed to posting everyday and I HAVE TOO! 

Friday was also a day of some nice rain that we have needed and still cloudy skies today. 

We arrived at the cabin yesterday afternoon and almost immediatedly had a holler from Jimbo next door and shortly after the phone rang and Miss Harri called me over for our usual glass of wine+!  It was a quiet Friday evening of visiting, pizza and wine.  Nice evening last night. 

Today The Hubby and I are taking a drive to Grand Lake to check out a friends cabin!  Not much else happening except for the drive, making some deviled eggs, burgers at T&P's.  Yup, an exciting weekend!  No really it is for us.  I'm looking forward to quiet and friends. 

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Flea said...

Isn't it nice to have had rain again?